A Trip With a Childhood Cousin

by Harshita Das

We’ve known each other
Since we were children
You’ve shared my brother
Since he crawled from the crib

Grown together
In sporadic bursts of summer vacations
Just like having a little sister
Weekly, monthly, yearly, we’ve met each other

I’ve watched you grow
As I grew myself
We figured out the world
In our own little cocoons

Now, as fledgling butterflies
We’ve a different understanding of reality
Which we can learn from each other

Let another year fly by us

Happy Birthday Tunnu!


by Harshita Das

The year screeches to a halt
Fields of all your efforts await
School’s started its daily rhythm
All rusty parts are lubricated
Crops are ready for farmers;
Slowly, the wheel of life starts chugging again
As one harvests
The fruits of their efforts
Happy Baisakhi!
Here’s to hoping for a year
Which was better than the last

How Beautiful Is The Sunset

by Aaditya Akolkar

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it dips below the horizon.
How vibrant its colors,
Red, yellow, orange and crimson.

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it comes to meet the ground.
The beautiful songs of evening birds,
At that time are found.

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it goes below the trees.
Its unadulterated, raw charm
Makes me weak at the knees.

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it welcomes the night.
The sun will come again tomorrow
To make the day bright.

My Birthday (8th April)

by Harshita Das

For me was an auspicious date
With pomp and show my parents had to celebrate
With God’s grace one takes birth
My birthday it was, the day I came on Earth
True happiness I wanted to find
I had an idea in mind
Bowing before almighty, I wrote on a page
This birthday let us visit an orphanage
There are children with no families
We must help them I request please
Reaching the place with lots of ice cream, sweets and toys
We find many innocent girls and boys
With a big smile they welcomed
How pleasant they are I hummed
Afternoon it was with a bright shiny sun
Distributing things among children was great fun
They conveyed their thanks and warm wishes
Next birthday I would treat them with nice dishes
You will gain happiness, there will be no loss
Be sympathetic and work for noble cause
Till date me and my parents say for us
It was indeed a very special day
Thank you

A Formal Complaint from your Mobile Phone

by Harshita Das

Dear owner,

I have been most loyal to you
Served your every command
But my earnings have been pathetically few
Here are some of my polite demands

I work constantly at 14 percent
You refuse me reprieve
Then when I’m supposed to be charged, at night’s end,
You shrug shoulders and fall asleep

I am dropped on all varieties of materials
From water, to marble to concrete
Admittedly, the leather case makes it hard to feel
But I resent being treated like bird’s droppings;
Tossed around from street to street

You might think my complaints are without bite
No lawyer will come to my aid; my own manufacturer won’t bat an eye
I am, but an inanimate object; I have no human rights
But listen here, and listen well to my wails; my cries

I know more about you than your own family
I know your passwords, I know what you do in incognito mode
I know your address, your contacts and where you keep your keys
Your diary, your secrets, your weird obsessions, I have the ability to upload

The device currently buzzing in your pocket

Holi (Festival of Colors)

by Harshita Das

The world glows in arbitrary colors…
Reds and blues and yellows and greens
As if the Earth was a canvas for our gods
Even with blotches of paint; end result’s pristine

Playing with powders, perfumes and pigments,
Then, the only color which doesn’t matter, of your skin
For a day, we have water balloons in one hand, pichkaries in the other
With Rangoli on our smiling faces; all hues and tints

People, are like colors
Wonderful, colorful and diverse
We don’t need to sit on fire to triumph over evil
Together, we can make the world better for us

Benevolent Spirit

by Michael

When I began wondering why
I was born under thatched roof,
That wets my weak mat
In raging rainy nights.

Unknown to me mother was behind,
Jolting my grieved lips
With stifling tears jogging down
Which forced my lips with rhetorics.

Why was Blake born in bed?
And Richard raised in roses?
Why was Steven born with silver spoon?
Wasn’t I ever born with a bronze?

As I mumbled these,
She wiped the oceans off her face saying:
‘Their fate was decided
By benevolent spirit’.

To The Mother of Nature

by Tanuri Thumbowita

Humans build the world,
But you, you create the humans,
The sun gives me light,
But you, you make me bright.

In my every breath
You are hidden,
But in most lives,
You are forgotten.

Although they treat you
As a thrown stone,
To me,
You are the diamond
Called ‘’The Nature’’


Techno Music

by Jane Edwards

blurb of colour
trickle of sound
curbs against
ceramic teeth
open the brain passages alight
hold your breath
and drown in the experience
blurb of colour
stream of cloud
carry me in your
iridescence sound

A Safe World – Global Warming.

by Sienna Charles

A day, a week, a month, the heat begins to soar.
Our planet starts to warm,
A day, a week, a month, the ice begins to melt;
Arctic creatures search for food.
A day, a week, a month, it continues to rain.
The roads become a river,
The river becomes a sea,
Less food, less homes,
We all have to change,
The impact on human lives, animal lives, the planet.
A day, a week, a month is the time to change.