by Dominic Bilverstone

A lonely man filled with hate and anguish
entered the room where stood a little boy and a table.
The little boy placed memories upon the table,
memories filled with hatred and anger.
He put the sounds of lonesome cries there.
The boy placed half-smoked cigarettes upon the table.
He placed the rotten smell of whisky on the table.
He placed the desperate cries of his mum there.
On the table he placed the dim candle burning with
the last of its wax.
He feels like no one understands him,
he is unheard,
he is unfelt.
He placed the feelings of invisibility on the table:
No one understands,
No one talks to him.
He placed on the table tattered clothes,
dirty clothes.
He put on the table unused water and the lack of cleanliness along with it.
The man walked over to the boy and the table,
he looked with despair in his eye.
The man didn’t want to see the table so the boy placed naivety there.
At that moment, the light at the centre of the table
got bright,
illuminating more of the room.
Before, the room was dark and all you could see was the decrepit table that now stands
upon the marble floor.
The boy leaves the room, leaving
the man and the table.
The light gets brighter as the boy leaves.
The man turns to witness the boy disappear.
He stops in his tracks as he notices the beauty around him.
He notices beautiful architecture and paintings filled with such love and hope.
As he looks, the room engulfs him in light.
He’s taken aback and looks around once more
to find the table was never there.
He leaves the room, no longer a lonely man,
Now filled with the beauty of what is around him.

A Good Life.

by Inés Villalobos Finigan

Life is hard, life to endure.

Keep yourself right: the world is not pure.

Always keep strong, don’t let out a tear.

Conquer the evil and conquer your fear.

Protection of weak and care for the bullied.

Keep yourself clean, keep from the sullied.

Follow the rules but follow those just.

Be modest and simple, turn from the last.

Look after the orphans, but children so small.

Go to the injured: the men that do fall.

Speak against wrong and the ones that do harm.

Influence for good and keep away bad.

Visit the prisoners and comfort the sad.

Make people feel better in their hearts and their soul.

Help the poor sufferers and those that do toil.

But importantly first, love God with your heart,

For this world and his people one day you will part.

Bonny Flower

by Emily

Oh the bonny flower
sitting on a leaf,
it so fresh and green
like bumbling bees and bonny flowers

Poets Write ANYWHERE!

by Fayrene

Poets really dream and imagine things,
They can write them in the wildest of places.
In the zoo or in the bathroom even if they’re doing a good poem for us all to love and enjoy!
Poets do them anywhere, for that reason they simply do NOT care!
If you travel by train they might be writing there,
or their car, it’s a mystery you’ll never know here & over there.
Cars, trains, buses, and more my favourite one is definitely
when they are dreaming of stars.


by Samiksha Ghumare

This is a tree,
Its fruits are free.
Some birds are on the tree,
My mother beat me.
Some birds are singing,
My mobile is ringing.
Tree has a bark,
I saw a shark.
It gives us fruit,
I don’t like its root.

Dear Country

by Harshita Das

I’ve been nursed in your womb
Feasted on your principles and policies
I’ve drunk your delicious food
I’m drunk on your glorious history

I’ve learnt your lands, worn your wondrous attire
I’ve lived you, I’ve loved you
Despite your myriad mistakes, I stoke your fire
Despite your lies being many, your truths too few

But tonight is a night of truth and trust
Like every night would be in the ideal world
You are a part of my identity, my duty and responsibility
You have your faults, you have my loyalty

But, I cannot define myself by you
No matter how much you want me to
They say that my refusal paints me unfaithful
Unaware that paintings may have multiple meanings

I do not indulge in your hobbies
I’m not great with any of your many languages
I do not listen to your songs, your movies, your television
Neverthless, I love you
And sometimes you love me too

A Little Bit of Sugar

by Dylan

A little bit of sugar,
Can go with everything
From the tiny bees’ honey
to the sweet delicious trickle of treacle

My brother doesn’t like it,
and says it ruins you teeth,
but overall in my opinion,

I like everything sugar sweet!

The Search

by NF

Hey Nate, how’s life?
I don’t know, it’s alright
I’ve been dealin’ with some things like every human being…


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Are you NF?

Just a Fragment of My Story

by Darcey Rickus

For once we can rest as we are stuck,
Engulfed in fear, covered in muck.
My legs are aching, soon there will be no time,
I pull myself forward as I leave the front line.
We stumble in a drunken haze,
Ignorance is bliss,
Yet we near death today,
When the gas shells don’t miss.

Gas, gas surrounds me
I jump to my feet, that are covered in cuts,
Bundled in fear, lacking in luck.
The gas turns green and pollutes the air and
Men drop like flies as their lives are taken
How on Earth can this be fair?
A soldier runs at me with no breath left at all,
I run away as the figure in the fog slowly turns very small.

What would you do if you were in my position?
How would you feel if you failed your mission?
How would you know how to react?
What would you do if you saw this horrifying act?
How would you feel if you saw your best friends die?
Watching them struggle for air right in front of your eyes?
What would you do if you heard what I had?
Would you sleep peacefully at night, would you be glad?
What would you do if you experienced this horror?

So how can you say doing this for your country is good glory,
When you only know a fragment of my story.

Dolly Dolly

by Riley McGrath

Dolly Dolly was very small,
So Dolly Dolly sat on a stool,
Dolly Dolly was sitting up high,
Dolly Dolly squealed “OH MY!”
Dolly Dolly couldn’t get down,
Dolly Dolly had a frown,
Dolly Dolly was very sad,
Dolly Dolly was getting mad,
Dolly Dolly cried with a yelp,
So Dolly’s dad came to help.