Ever Blooming Trees

by Hava Omer

Trees: Our life support
Trees: The one thing we don’t appreciate
Look left and right, don’t be afraid
The trees surrounding you, they’ll be willing to give you some shade.
A mother to nature.
A mother to us.
Provides us with oxygen day and night.
Fights for us like a knight.
Absorbs toxic gases like carbon dioxide to keep us alive.
Sways with the wind on the winter months.
Providing us with food, so we don’t starve
From apples to oranges, delicious produce
All is from a mother’s angelic hands, and contagious smile, that makes your hunger diffuse.

Not only they make us meals right in front of our sight,
They help us with hypothesises, which can change our light
Nature mother knows the best
Dropped an apple Newton’s head
This lead him to uncover the Newton Law!
This was from a discovery called gravity, and yes there is more…
They rock back and forth in the daylight
Making a perfect painting for Ansel Adams to copywrite, and become a socialite.

However, There is a dark side to our nature mothers…
Trees getting sliced in half, practically amputated.
Back stabbed into machines
Coming out as paper, or worse
What is this all worth?
For our nature mothers to be chopped up into pieces like a slice of ham,
And for us to not show a little sympathy?
For the amount of biodiversity living in the trees
Show some respect!
You could protect these pure souls with ease.
If someone smashes your house into smithereens, you would want justice
Well start thinking the same about the insects, to the mammals,
to the Earth’s atmosphere, to the vegetarian animals.
All this takes is a little bit of practice.
But this is our planet after all,
So, let’s learn to show it some service.
Rather than being careless.

For the ancient vines running down it’s bark
Covered in moss, and algae
Just one look at this masterpiece could turn you blind.
It’s a therapeutic sight
It drowns your worry in a flurry.
It creates beautiful images in your cerebrum
Wiser than the other organism (humans),
It stands proud
Towering over houses, and bushes
Magnificent all way round.
With its friendly long branches ready to hand out a warm hug.
To its prehistorical roots tangled below the Earth’s crust.
It communicates with a sway,
You can see it from your bay
Then it finally drops its leaves
As it’s time for Autumn’s sneeze.

Trees: Ancient wonders
Trees: If only people saw the purpose of them.
Being dominant one second,
Collapsing the second
These trees are losing their power,
The numbers of them are descending by the hour.
Time to communicate with the other countries!
Maybe if we would stop cutting them down,
There would be more bird’s nests, and hives for bees.


by Jasmine

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like turtles
What about you?


by Ray ray

Christmas is fun,
Christmas is great for everyone,
Christmas is cool,
You don’t want to spend Christmas at school,
I like Christmas and you should like it tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo⛄️🎄🎅🤶

My Grandparents

by XelZ

In the year of ’64 they said ‘I do’
Two hearts, one love, a bond so true
Sixty years have passed, and still they stand
A love that’s grown, a love that’s grand

Sixty wedding anniversaries, sixty years of
love that’s strong, a love that one of a kind
Through the laughter, through the tears
They’ve shared a lifetime, sixty years

From the moment they met, it was clear to see
A love that would last, a love that would be
Through the ups and downs, they’ve held each other tight
A love that’s so kind, and love that’s bright

Sixty wedding anniversaries, sixty years of grace
A love that’s timeless, a love that’s valued
Through the joy, through the pain
They’ve shared a lifetime, sixty years again

Their love has grown, like a tree that’s tall
Rooted deep, standing strong through it all
A love that’s , admire. a love that’s wise
A love that’s seen, through sixty years’ of eyes

Sixty wedding anniversaries, sixty years of love
A love that’s sacred, a love that’s above
Through the sunshine, through the rain
They’ve shared a lifetime, sixty years again

Here’s to sixty years, and many more to come
A love that’s cherished, a love that’s won
May their love continue, as the years go by
A love that’s so special , a love that’s high. through joy and the grim
You’ve stood by each other, through the thick and the thin of life.

Sixty wedding anniversaries, a milestone so rare,
A testament to your love, a love that’s beyond compare.
Sixty years of marriage, a love story so grand,
A love that’s been woven, with a golden, precious band.

From the day you said ‘I do’, to the day you’re standing here,
Your love has been a beacon, guiding you through the years.
Through the ups and downs, through the highs and the lows,
Your love has been the best of all

As you celebrate this day, let the memories flood your mind,
Of all the moments, both big and small, that have made your love so kind.
Here’s to sixty more years, of love, laughter, and cheer,
May your bond continue to grow, as you navigate life, my love

Congratulations on this special day, may your love continue to shine,
Here’s to sixty more years, of love, laughter, and divine 60 years have passed you two continue to show us what marriage should be your wedding Anniversary time Time to remember the first meet first dates first dance first kiss to think of all the things you done
the places you both have been the joy the tear the doubts the fear time you will know the 60 years to come and the many more your love will always last with your family by your side this day may be cherished with love and laughter Diamond hearts have a glow a love that continues to beautifully grow sixty years of memories to hold a story you can tell your grandchildren when they are old more precious then gold more wise they get to my grandparents who’s reached this milestone grand happy 60th wedding anniversary hand in hand

Doohower The Thrower

by Jarvis Seymour-Jones

Young Mr Willy
well known to be silly
was once peacefully walking
and also was talking
to young little Billy
who was thinking, “How silly.”
But all of a sudden
with a very loud crack
Willy snapped his back
This was a little bit silly
for he was walking with Billy
who, with a suspicions spin
fell into a bin

Jolly Little Rabbit

by Noah

The jolly little rabbit,
what a jolly little guy,
He jumps around all day long,
without a thought of why.
One day he finds a hole
a deep, dark scary one.
He was not scared at all
so he jumped over it and kept on his run.
After jumping for a while
he came across a little pile,
of perfect juicy golden carrots,
but feasting upon them were a group of other rabbits.
“Please! Please!” he exclaimed, “Can we share these carrots?”
“Of course of course,” answered all of the other rabbits.
Now they all sit there, feasting on carrots,
and that’s the end of the tale
of this jolly little rabbit.


by Dylan Vinson

I made pie,
It tasted fine,
I showed it to my Ma
she said Nah
as I wept away.
So I’m writing this sonnet
while sitting in my bonnet


by Ray ray



by Ray ray

Really kind


by Ray ray

Night owl