Here are some tips to help you produce better poems. If you are sending The Poetry Zone a poem then we would suggest you write the poem on your computer first, and then paste it into the Send Us Your Poem box.

1. Use small letters – not CAPS LOCK!
Writing your poem in capitals makes it look like you’re shouting.
2. Lay your poem out in short lines – one under the other.
Always start a line as far to the left as possible.
3. Begin sentences with a capital letter.
End them with a full stop. Only use a comma if you think it is definitely needed. Don’t use hundreds of !!!!!!!!!!! Some poets like to begin EVERY new line with a capital letter. That is perfectly okay!
4. Check that your poem makes sense.
We often receive poems with words or whole lines missing and we have to guess what the poet meant to put there.
5. Seems obvious but – Check your spelling!
6. Re-draft before you send your poem
Re-read it and see if it can be improved. I am seldom happy with the first thing I write. Sometimes my poems change four or five times before I’m happy with them.
7. Keep the poem fairly short.
There’s nothing wrong with writing long poems – some poems are books in themselves. But poems over twenty lines long may be too long for The Poetry Zone – and may not be chosen.
8. Editing.
When a poet or author sends a poem or story to a publisher – that poem or story will usually be edited. We reserve the right to make minor alterations to your poem. This may be to make a meaning clear, or simply to correct a spelling. We want your poem to be seen at its very, very best!

I hope these tips are useful. Now – go to work on your poem.
And good luck!