Hello everyone. Here are the WINNERS of the Riding a Lion competition. Well done Lily McKay, Hala, Alyssa Theofanidis, Harshita Das, Tom Gerans, Iona Mandal, and Ella Hollins. The standard was so high that we’ve chosen ten other poems as RUNNERS-UP. No prize but very well done. And thanks to everyone who entered. To see the winners and runners-up go to Poems and scroll down to Competition Entries. Then “Older Poems”. A new competition coming soon, so watch this space.

Since 1998 The Poetry Zone has published around 30,000 poems by young people and has had millions of visitors – children and teenagers, real live poets and other adults – who want to check us out, especially teachers who use the Poetry Zone as a fun way of teaching poetry in their schools.

NOTE TO SCHOOLS SENDING POEMS. I’m very happy for schools to send us poems. But I do edit all poems – in the same way that poems would be edited in a book. This does take time – and so I would ask schools to limit the number of poems sent. If a school sends, say, 30 poems – one from every class member – I may have to choose a selection to appear in the Poetry Zone. Schools may, however, send as many poems as they would like for competitions..

Poo Poo Poo! Rude poems can be very funny but be warned – if you send us poems about farts, bottoms or poo they won’t be appearing in the Poetry Zone. So please stop sending us rude poems. 

And do please remember that all the poems you send should be your own original work. Meanwhile keep writing and sending us poems. We love to read them. Be careful and stay safe


Riding a Lion

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Latest Poems

Winter and Summer

by Teresa Manimala aged 7

I love the snowflakes
Falling on my face
I love the sunny rays
That leave a golden trace

I love drinking hot chocolate
When the lights go dim
But on a sunny day

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by Harshita Das

Papa: I seem to forget about this world
When my headphones are in my ears
All sounds around melt away
There’s only vibrations inside here

When I wear my headphones
I cannot hear the subtleties of

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by Spring aged 10

When black cats prowl around the street
and pumpkins gleam, may luck be on your side
this Halloween
Even little birds want to join in the fun so they go tweet!
Between trees there’s children discussing

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