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The Dancing Dogs

by Zoldomort aged 10

Have you seen the Dancing Dogs,
Who can never sit still like logs.
When they hear a beat,
They get up and move their feet.

Have you seen the Dancing Dogs,
Who can never sit still

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My Naughty Dog

by Caleb aged 9

I have a pet dog
His name is Max
Max is very naughty
He even tries to snatch
And if you are munching on your lunch
Max will

Your Eyes

by Samiksha aged 10

Your eyes tell me that
You’ll love me everyday,
No matter what may come
You’ll be there to stay.

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by Bella aged 5

I am 5
I am short
I love to read
I love to sing
I am smart
I love to write

That is me


by Addy aged 8

Sing along
Dance with me
Watch me dance
You will see
I am proud
How I will be
I’m a friend
You will see.

The Fruit

by Elizabeth aged Six

Star berries are red
Tangerines are orange.
Bananas are yellow.
Pears are green.
Blueberries are blue.
Grapes are purple.

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My Soulmate

by Samiksha aged 10

There is nothing on Earth more beautiful to me
than your smile…
No sound sweeter than your laughter…
No pleasure greater than holding you in my arms…
The moment I look into your eyes I know

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Love 2

by Yonah Jeong aged 60

with cold from far
a shivering tree

can you give
warm water to flowers?

Will They Love Me?

by Charlottei aged 11

Will they watch me fall asleep
then bring me breakfast in bed?
Will they wake me up with a smile
and leave with a kiss on my head?

Will they believe what I believe
in equality

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Bad Words

by Inés Villalobos Finigan

If words could kill
like the viper’s sting
just think of the men
who would be dead
I mean the words
that hurt the feelings,
words that have no healing,

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by Jane Edwards

lulling, rocking, sultry night
seek my hand in cold waters
brush your air through my fingertips
bitten pink by teeth glinting milky
as the moon
pregnant she skims the translucent sea
rounded head lolling

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Warm Hands

by Eryn Greenaway

I wake every morning, listen to you,
Your sounds filling every single corner
Of our cramped two bedroom, furniture skewed
As if tossed aside. A fellow mourner

Of a time before your screaming came;
A phase

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The Uncaring Nature of Love (and Cats)

by Harshita Das aged 14


My heart is completely consumed
But my myriad affection isn’t mirrored!
Instead of love, she seems merely bemused
At attempts to pat her head or stroke her fur.

Tragic, my first love spurns me

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Nature’s Symphony

by Lily McKay aged 9


The animals look to the stars in the sky
Arranged as musical notes in the air
The pie wagtail flies down to start the show
His tail conducting with care

The woodpecker starts with

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by Iona Mandal aged 14


Her eyes are like vessels.
Kettle drums containing the fervent pursuit
for whimpering rodents.
With a skunk-like flash of black and white,
the delight of monochrome mania,
snatching glances at potential prey.

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