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by Sakshi Suravase aged 12

Trees are green,
They grows tall, up and big.
Give us fruits and vegetables,
Give wood, shade, cotton and flowers.
They need some water and loving care!

Climate Change

by Lyra Wagner aged 11

Climate Change or global warming
Comes to many as a mourning.
Icebergs melt back into water,
Our oceans erupt into disorder.
The sun shines down, to many a bliss,
But the droughts are hardly a

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School Rules

by Daisy aged 11

School rules, school rules
don’t push in lines
put your hand up
sit up straight
don’t shout out
don’t talk all the time
School rules, school rules

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At the Park

by Genevieve Prideaux aged 6

Twittering robin
Flitting about
I wonder why
He’s going out?

Wet daisies
On the ground
Petals flat and white
And round

Small fluffy squirrel
There, then gone
Flowers bright and round for

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Tractor Poem

by Elsie Stevens aged 6

My grandad has a JCB,
and it’s yellow.
I drive round in it,
on the farm.
I feed the cows,
yum yum moo say the cows.
I have breakfast before that,
on a

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Pool Poem

by Elsie Stevens aged 6

I got a new pool,
and it’s blue.
It’s got a slide to go with it
and its light green.
its on the patio,
which is grey.
I jump in it,


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by Ghita aged 11

Love is like an ocean, sometimes calm and sometimes stormy.
Some days it’s beautiful and sometimes it’s scary.
Love is like that, there are the amazing times and the horrible,
the good and the evil.

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I Love My Mother

by Sami and Denis and Zayna aged Both 11

I love my mother and my mother loves me
our love is like a tune, it is a harmony
we come so far from over the seas
we travel everywhere both my mother and me

I love

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by Elsa Murphy aged 11

Love means
when you love someone
and you can hug your mum or dad .
Love is important
and our heart pumps when you love someone.

You can love your friends or family .

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February 2022

by Daisy W

A sunny day in the city of Kiev.
Children playing, adults working, everyone going about their days.

Then the sky turned into a sheet of ash tossed upon a bed
and a rumble came through the ground.


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Through the Day

by Harshita Das

Bristles scrub through the gaps in teeth
As the brain slips in and out of conscience thought
Like an indecisive, flickering tube-light
My head has decided to gain weight overnight
Because it’s heavy and throbbing

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The Clash of Two Worlds

by Saira Dua

As I step foot into my school, I feel like I am in a new world
A world with overflowing beaming golden coins, into one I got hurled
I observe my ‘friends’ arriving in a polished sports car

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by Moyin aged 7

Love is a dream

Love is precious

Love is wonderful

Love is great

Christmas Time

by Emrit aged 9

Christmas time is a time to be together,
and to give presents to who you love.
Make people smile everyday,
but last of all make people smile.

Christmas is for enjoying,
be sure not to peek

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When Santa Knocks on Your Doorstep!

by Apoorva Vishwanath aged 11

Snow dumped, outside in the street,

It is time to get ready for a treat,

Where are your premonitions?

All ready are the decorations!

Keep your home, tidy and neat

Santa’s gonna get you a gift and a sweet!


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