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by Charlottei aged 11

bought it from the shop
in each bag six
spin the plastic open
doing professional tricks

take the one on top
crumbing everywhere
I should probably mop
there’s even crumbs stuck in my hair!

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Harley Davidson and his Bad Mother

by Charlottei aged 11

Harley had a bike
It went VROOM
He didn’t like to hike
Nor stay in his room

His mum Ms. Davidson
Wasn’t proud of Harley
She’d say “Stay hidden”
As she drank “barley”


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Tea Party

by Charlottei aged 11

Wrote the invitations
With love and care.
Forgot to second think –
What if nobody was there?

Got the sweets and candy,
Of course chocolate cake!
Spent money on an oven
so the treat

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Poetry Teacher

by Sarah aged 9

Roses are red and violets are blue

You are sweet and beautiful too.


by Airam aged 11

Life is a mystery

Life is being born

Life is dreaming

Our destiny is to die

Our mission is to love

Without knowing, how,

When, where, and why?

Life will surprise you

Life is a Gift from GOD.

Life is

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by Amairani aged 9




Show off

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Love at First Sight

by Zainab Data aged 17

My love for you is like the raging sea
So powerful and deep it will forever be.
Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain.
Our hearts are so pure and love so

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by Laiba aged 10

Share a smile
Make someone laugh
Simple acts of kindness are spectacular

So this year, try and make someone’s day
Your reward will be seeing them being happy

Love is Worth It In The End

by Spring aged 10

There was a boy named Danny
He didn’t not like his mother
But all she cared about was all for her son
and about his education.
He always left without saying goodbye but..
His mother

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by XiXi

Oranges are orange like an orange
It is also complemented by the colour green
From the leaves of the orange
As you can see
This is not actually
In fact
A poem.

Ways of the Road

by Harshita Das

The roads are alive,
They breathe and operate
With all the complexity
Of an ecosystem

We all adhere
To unspoken rules
A remarkable cooperation

In the bottom of the food chain,
There are the

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A Trip With a Childhood Cousin

by Harshita Das

We’ve known each other
Since we were children
You’ve shared my brother
Since he crawled from the crib

Grown together
In sporadic bursts of summer vacations
Just like having a little sister
Weekly, monthly,

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The Uncaring Nature of Love (and Cats)

by Harshita Das aged 14


My heart is completely consumed
But my myriad affection isn’t mirrored!
Instead of love, she seems merely bemused
At attempts to pat her head or stroke her fur.

Tragic, my first love spurns me

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Nature’s Symphony

by Lily McKay aged 9


The animals look to the stars in the sky
Arranged as musical notes in the air
The pie wagtail flies down to start the show
His tail conducting with care

The woodpecker starts with

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by Iona Mandal aged 14


Her eyes are like vessels.
Kettle drums containing the fervent pursuit
for whimpering rodents.
With a skunk-like flash of black and white,
the delight of monochrome mania,
snatching glances at potential prey.

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