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When the Sky

by Ahil Rahman aged 9

We can see the sky
where birds go to fly
We can see the starry night
and the moon shining bright

When the sky is blue
it all looks so new
when the sky is

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by Elsa Yule aged 10

I wish for the clouds to wisp me away
into the place of space
and I wish the stars would be bright
they would burn all though the night
the planets would blaze
and there

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by TSU (Sue) aged 12

Leaping and jumping everywhere
Their long tongues catching their prey
Hiding in the winter
Funny frogs

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by Eva aged 6

Eva is my name
with all I am
I try my best.
I like to eat biscuits.
Now you know about me
I’m going to be in bed fast asleep.

Hi and Bye

by Eva aged 6

I said Hi because I was shy
but when we have to go
we have to say Bye.

So now we know when to say Hi and Bye

My name is Timmy

by Timmy aged 6

I am Timmy and I like to eat peas
I amTimmy and I love cheese
I am Timmy and I love autocorrect
I am Timmy and my doggy Lulu is 3
She is younger than me

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I Love My Mother

by Sami and Denis and Zayna aged Both 11

I love my mother and my mother loves me
our love is like a tune, it is a harmony
we come so far from over the seas
we travel everywhere both my mother and me

I love

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by Elsa Murphy aged 11

Love means
when you love someone
and you can hug your mum or dad .
Love is important
and our heart pumps when you love someone.

You can love your friends or family .

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That Boy

by Abigail aged 11

That boy,
He glances at me across the classroom,
His caramel eyes,
I can’t help staring,
He’s just too amazing,
Will he love me back?

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by Jane Edwards

I long for you
The beaming towers
Criss-cross peaks zig zagging white on deep scapes
Take my body to cities made of millions
Beginning with one tiny sequin spiralling into glittering mounds


by Miki

Billy, or any names
I can’t choose my own
Tell me why
Change my name please

Nobody Likes Her

by MacKenzie

Nobody likes her
I despise her
Kind of gross
Kind of bossy
I get harassed by her

Mean girl
A million dislikes on her YouTube channel
We all laugh at her

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by Moyin aged 7

Love is a dream

Love is precious

Love is wonderful

Love is great

Christmas Time

by Emrit aged 9

Christmas time is a time to be together,
and to give presents to who you love.
Make people smile everyday,
but last of all make people smile.

Christmas is for enjoying,
be sure not to peek

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When Santa Knocks on Your Doorstep!

by Apoorva Vishwanath aged 11

Snow dumped, outside in the street,

It is time to get ready for a treat,

Where are your premonitions?

All ready are the decorations!

Keep your home, tidy and neat

Santa’s gonna get you a gift and a sweet!


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