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by Chelsea aged 8

Sad times happen
like you get in a fight with your siblings
but there is tight love behind the tie.
Or you lost someone who has died.
Let’s forget about that and have a good time.

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Covid 19

by Chelsea aged 8

Covid is a mess.
Where is it going next?
Surely it will hit them
sitting in the court yard
with no face mask
The police are there
better get home before they stare

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Anger Inside

by Thomas Poole aged 11

Always a thriving fire… inside…
Covering over everything in hate
A place people don’t appreciate
Often lives die from stress and anger.

Heat over comes inside…
Often slowly walking out
People trying to have a

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Our Class with Mrs Summers

by Class 5 aged 6-7

There’s Olly, James, Faye, Emma,
Jasper, Lola, Lilly, Samuel, August
Harley, Hannah, Aaron, Nathan,Nelly,
Nick, Jayla, William, Eliott,
Kiera, Xander, Omio, Opal! B
ut don’t forget our wonderful teacher!
Mrs Summers!

My Little Wish

by Swannya aged 6

I wish I was made
I wish, I was not
Oh, the little wish will come true or not
Oh, little wish come on, come on
My little friends and I are waiting
all night

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The Sun

by Abdulahi Mohamed aged 4-5

the sun

how I feel it go sister

Oh I love the sun

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by Laiba aged 10

Share a smile
Make someone laugh
Simple acts of kindness are spectacular

So this year, try and make someone’s day
Your reward will be seeing them being happy

Love is Worth It In The End

by Spring aged 10

There was a boy named Danny
He didn’t not like his mother
But all she cared about was all for her son
and about his education.
He always left without saying goodbye but..
His mother

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by Ghita aged 10

Love is tragic
Love is pain
You love someone and they say that they also love you
but after a while, they move on
they leave you there sitting and weeping, all alone
while they

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A Trip With a Childhood Cousin

by Harshita Das

We’ve known each other
Since we were children
You’ve shared my brother
Since he crawled from the crib

Grown together
In sporadic bursts of summer vacations
Just like having a little sister
Weekly, monthly,

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by Harshita Das

The year screeches to a halt
Fields of all your efforts await
School’s started its daily rhythm
All rusty parts are lubricated
Crops are ready for farmers;
Slowly, the wheel of life starts

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How Beautiful Is The Sunset

by Aaditya Akolkar

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it dips below the horizon.
How vibrant its colors,
Red, yellow, orange and crimson.

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it comes to meet the ground.
The beautiful songs

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The Planet We Share

by Alyssa Maxwell aged 8

The planet we share is in danger
The environment has gone wrong
The ocean is full of plastic
You can’t hear the whale’s song

The world around us is grey
And we need to make it

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by Alice Beesley aged 9

The creatures of the rainforest
Are in an impossible battle against mankind
They can’t win
Humanity is too strong
We’re hurting them
The vulnerable, hopeless animals and trees, dying
Species of animals are becoming

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For a Hundred Years and a Hundred More

by Rohana Stentiford aged 11

Five hundred years I’ve been stuck in the sand
Since you discarded that bottle you held in your hand
I rolled down the path and under a bush
‘Til that big winter storm gave me a push

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