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My New World

by Ella Brophy aged 11

To My Future Diabetic Self

I always hurt myself when I want to eat
When I wake up mummy always cleans my feet
I can’t be active unless I am high
So then I look up at

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Pizza Pizza

by Gabriella aged 7

Yummy pizza
yucky pizza
hot pizza
cold pizza
“I love pizza!”
” I hate pizza!”
yum yum yum
yummy yucky
pizza pizza
pizza is the best


by Sanish Khosla aged 10

Hot pizza cold pizza, warm pizza
Disgusting pizza, delicious pizza
Mushroom pizza, margharita pizza, Hawaii pizza
Salty pizza, sugary pizza, crusty pizza
Extra sauce pizza
Round pizza, long pizza
Any pizza I eat is

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Anything Can Happen

by Leo and Kamal and Isaac aged 9

Anything can happen
I am in control
Fantasy is reality
Characters come to life
All within a simple screen
Sounds, glitches and lighting

The Train

by Arham Khan aged 6

The train was blue, red and yellow
We were waiting at the station
I was sleepy near the window
And the fox was jumping on the snow

God is Powerful

by Ananda Nadkarni aged 6

God is powerful,
God is sweet and beautiful,
God is nice.

God is everywhere,
God is up and God is down,
God is in our hearts,
I have a lot to say to God.


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Roses are Red

by Hollie aged 10

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You’re such a good girl
I don’t know what I would do
Without you


by Harper Head aged 10

Everyone needs a puppy
They’re cute and fluffy
They like to play
But don’t get in their way
They eat your food
But don’t be fooled
It helps you get over your first break

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The Beach

by Maggie May Faulkner aged 10

The beach is fun
The beach is for everyone
It’s cool, it’s chill
It’s living in the bill
Why don’t you go to the beach?
You can play volleyball with your feet
Make friends,

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WW1 Poem

by Hava

War: the hidden truth
War: enlist or lose your youth
Join the game, the posters say,
Decorating the poles and the tall glass panes
Attracting the pure souls wanting to do good
But all they

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Christmas Poem

by Hava

It’s that time of the year
Full with Christmas cheer
The towering trees ready to be decorated
What gifts had St Nicoles generated?

The house is now a furry ball
With all the tinsels enclosing the

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The Figure Skater

by Laiba Sohail

Gracefully gliding across the endless stretch of white,
Her heart beats faster in the spotlight.
Millions of eyes stare down at the elegant skater,
She’s a master of her craft, an inventive creator.

Smiling radiantly, she flips

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Christmas Senses

by Orla Rennie aged 6

I can see sparkly presents under the Christmas tree.
I can hear Santa and his reindeers landing heavily on my roof.
I can smell the sweet chocolate yule log sitting on the kitchen side.
I can feel

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Nativity Tradition

by Marselis Davis aged 20

The story of Christ‘s birth
Is told every year
Yet it holds the same worth
And it still brings good cheer

The story of herdsmen
Tending to their flock
When angels from heaven

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My Runaway Snowman

by Areeba aged 12

On the day before Christmas
I made a snowman,
As splendid as could be.
I hoped I could keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.
It turned out I could

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