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What Am I?

by Keyuri Singh aged 10

What Am I?

Tail wagger
Face liker
Kibble cruncher
Kitchen raider
Ball retriever
Bone nibbler
Loud woofer
Fur shedder
What am I?

Bye Bye Sadness

by Janice aged 10+

Bye bye sadness from here and there
Never think about it ever again
When the sun shines through your window
It will all be as wonderful as a rainbow
Never think about sadness never ever

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by Ella Alitalab aged 10

When I wake up to sunny days,
I get up and stretch, then get out of my PJs,
Then I pack my bag and go to school,
Cause if I don’t I’ll grow up to be a

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by Isabelle aged 9

through wind or sleet
rain or snow

I will always take
you where you
want to go

Believe In Yourself

by Avanthika aged 6

Glow in the dark
Glow in the day
Your faith is within you
Your day is coming soon
You are a winner, in the day
And also in the night
When you use your

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Do You Love Your Mom or Dad?

by Lasya Sri aged 6

Do you love your mom or dad?
I love my dad and who do you love
Mom or dad?

I love my mom and baby boy
Who do you love?

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by Jose aged 10

A sky bright as the blue sea
As colourful as a rainbow
Calm like a piece of paper.

A sky flying above your head
Making you dream of your favorite place
A magical place like the

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by Hanshika Mandal aged 12

Love comes in all shapes and forms,
and between all genders.
Love who you want,
no matter what,
you shouldn’t think about what others might say.
Today is the last day of June,

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by Freya aged ?

Love is true
Love is you

Love is me
Love is lovely

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A Question From the Mars

by Tanuri Thumbowita

Once upon a time
When she lived on Mars
An alien asked
“How can we recognize an Earthling?”

Then she smiled and said,
“They look very nice ,
Their smile looks very bright,

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Best Friend

by Mizscorpio

You are my best friend; you belong in my heart.
We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.
I know you as a sister, and I will always care.
Love, respect, and

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by Courtney Oldfield- Whalley

I love school
because it’s really cool
It has no fools
and no one cruel
So it’s practically
a perfect school

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The Uncaring Nature of Love (and Cats)

by Harshita Das aged 14


My heart is completely consumed
But my myriad affection isn’t mirrored!
Instead of love, she seems merely bemused
At attempts to pat her head or stroke her fur.

Tragic, my first love spurns me

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Nature’s Symphony

by Lily McKay aged 9


The animals look to the stars in the sky
Arranged as musical notes in the air
The pie wagtail flies down to start the show
His tail conducting with care

The woodpecker starts with

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by Iona Mandal aged 14


Her eyes are like vessels.
Kettle drums containing the fervent pursuit
for whimpering rodents.
With a skunk-like flash of black and white,
the delight of monochrome mania,
snatching glances at potential prey.

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