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Pollution and Air

by Maysa aged 8

Pollution, pollution
what is the solution?
Air, air please take care
With no air everything will stop
With no air the birds will all drop

There Was a Slide

by Ollie Wells aged 8

There was a slide
It was green
It was short
It filled me with pride

There was a slide
It was blue
When I went on it
I laughed and cried

There was a

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All About Football

by Theo Jablonski aged 9

We got Tyrone Mings
We’ve got Rahim on the wings
and we got
Pickford between the posts

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My name is Timmy

by Timmy aged 6

I am Timmy and I like to eat peas
I amTimmy and I love cheese
I am Timmy and I love autocorrect
I am Timmy and my doggy Lulu is 3
She is younger than me

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by Kiara aged 6

Look at that great flower
that only took an hour and
she read a book about how to make a cake.
For goodness good sake to make a cake
It was good because she was hungry!

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by Kiara aged 6

Look at that great flour
That only took an hour and
She read a book about how to make a cake.
A good sake, to make a cake, it was good because she was hungry!

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by Hana aged 9

My love for you is like the raging sea,
So powerful and deep it will forever be.
Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain.
Our hearts are so pure and love so

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by Olivia aged 11

Kids have crushes at a young age

Is it true or is it fake?

Night or day they read love stories

Don’t get tricked into truelove

Because it could be false


The Stormy Seas of Romance

by Eliza-Grace aged 10

The stormy seas of romance
Are difficult to navigate,
The waves throw you about
Until you think you’ll break.

The stormy seas of romance
Have beauty in their waters,
Their undoubting love is held

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by Dominic Bilverstone

A lonely man filled with hate and anguish
entered the room where stood a little boy and a table.
The little boy placed memories upon the table,
memories filled with hatred and anger.
He put the

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A Good Life.

by Inés Villalobos Finigan

Life is hard, life to endure.

Keep yourself right: the world is not pure.

Always keep strong, don’t let out a tear.

Conquer the evil and conquer your fear.

Protection of weak and care for the bullied.

Keep yourself clean,

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Bonny Flower

by Emily

Oh the bonny flower
sitting on a leaf,
it so fresh and green
like bumbling bees and bonny flowers

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by Moyin aged 7

Love is a dream

Love is precious

Love is wonderful

Love is great

Christmas Time

by Emrit aged 9

Christmas time is a time to be together,
and to give presents to who you love.
Make people smile everyday,
but last of all make people smile.

Christmas is for enjoying,
be sure not to peek

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When Santa Knocks on Your Doorstep!

by Apoorva Vishwanath aged 11

Snow dumped, outside in the street,

It is time to get ready for a treat,

Where are your premonitions?

All ready are the decorations!

Keep your home, tidy and neat

Santa’s gonna get you a gift and a sweet!


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