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My Friends

by Florence Barr aged 9

Poppy is my Pookie bear
Amy is my crazy bby
Harper is pretty
Evie’s fashonable
and Daisy is kind

Snow Falls

by Riley Higginbotham and Heva Bashir aged 9 and 8

As snow falls
I go to the mall,
I threw cannonballs,
whilst all the boys there playing baseball,
”No,” said Mrs Darwin.
”You’re already pro at football,” said

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In Their Shoes

by Talia Ziv aged 10

In the night the sirens sound
I’m anxious that I won’t be found

My sorry heart waiting in the dark of night
Will I be there when there is finally light?

I’m a living dead
And there’s

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School Days

by Riley Higginbotham aged 9

once at school

I fell into a pool

when I jumped in

I swam into a bin

I made a pun

it was super fun

I like school

because its super cool



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Ladybug Love: The Search for Listless Linda

by Jenisha Jain aged 5

Once there was a ladybug called Linda—
She loved her little babies,
She was very tiny and colorful!
She lived with her little babies in the grass,
She was very kind to them and helped them.

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Stolen Flowers

by Safiya Alam aged 6

A few days ago I planted some flowers
The flowers had super-magical powers
Along came a thief and took them away
Took them in the night, not in the day
I didn’t get a chance to

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by Beatrice aged 11

As they speak,
I shall weep,
For their chatter is bitter.
Bitter Sweet.

They will laugh,
While others will cry,
For their chatter is bitter.
Bitter Sweet.

Back Home

by Ruby aged 11

Home is a place that I can go,
To take things off my shoulder,
Park is right there so take me too,
Then you need to hold her.

Someone take me home.


by Olive aged 13

Friends are fun
Friends are great
You should have friends
Friends are awesome
Friends make happy memories
Friends can keep a secret 😉
Friends will know your secret

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Survivors Guilt

by Jessica Lily Thompson

As I open my eyes
unaware of the position
where another body lies
I am greeted with gasps of joy
so I am hugged and am lured
into the excitement like a koi.

I look

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Anime Acrostic

by Quirzf

Anime is such a good thing that everyone can enjoy
Nothing is better than anime
In my eyes anime is amazing
My favourite is Attack on Titan
Everyone should like anime, but it’s just people’s opinion


by Ray ray

Christmas is fun
Christmas is great for everyone
Christmas is great
Christmas let’s you stay up late
Christmas is a time for family
Personally Christmas is great for me
Roses are red

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An Angel

by Amy aged 9

An angel lived among us,
a gift from God above…

Go Team

by Florence Barr aged 9

Go team
you got dis
you’re making progress
you got this
go team, go team, go team

I made this poem for Mya
coz she does cheerleading

My Birthday

by Abigail aged 9

On Monday it was my birthday
I had to go to Mojos
but that didn’t stop me
from opening my presents

It was also young voices concert.
I went to school
and I was so

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