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by Finley Blanch aged 8

Teddy’s Happy!
Rabbit’s Happy!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Happy, Happy, Happy
Happy, Happy, Happy!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!


by Alesha Linda Hollick aged 12

Hollyoaks is boring, can’t you see?
people dying, loving and hating
Hollyoaks is boring, can’t you see?
Abe, causing drama
Cleo, returning
Hollyoaks is boring.

My Birthday

by Akia aged 7

Today is my birthday.
What gifts will I get?
I asked for some presents.
I don’t see them yet.

The party is starting.
My friends are here now.
Did they all forget to

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The Train

by Arham Khan aged 6

The train was blue, red and yellow
We were waiting at the station
I was sleepy near the window
And the fox was jumping on the snow

God is Powerful

by Ananda Nadkarni aged 6

God is powerful,
God is sweet and beautiful,
God is nice.

God is everywhere,
God is up and God is down,
God is in our hearts,
I have a lot to say to God.


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You and Me

by Ananda Nadkarni aged 6

You and me are safe together,
Are safe around the world.
We were together since we met in school
But then the teacher threw us apart.
And this broke my heart.
But at playtime we

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Love for S

by Rhys aged 10

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Arguments are clever,
And so are you.

Orchids are white,
Ghost ones are rare,
Arms are wiry,
And so is your hair.

Magnolia grows,
With buds like

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Love Like a Blossom

by Imogen Kelchure aged 11

True love is like a rose
It blooms and captivates the nose
It is gentle and kind, yet strong
It loves and forgives, never wrong

True love is a peaceful dove
It brings happiness and joy,

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I Can’t Let Go

by Harriet-Renee Smedley aged 10

I’m so so so sorry I can’t let go,
Every time I try my brain just says no,
I’ve tried to stop holding on from my head to my toe
Because you’re the flint and I’m the

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by Sakeena Jhaveri

What is colour if not our eyes
What is truth if not our lies
Colour flies but colour dries
Colour deserts our cries
Reminds us of of good times and ties
Like a misty rainbow

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by Owen Walker

The one time when death
Is the prettiest sight
The brown

Pulls my heart like a
Rubber band. The Yellow
And red

The one time when death
Looks like the front

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A Faithful Encounter

by Chamalka

On a certain cold
And rainy day
In the streets of far, far away
On the sidewalk
There was a baby bear
People passed by
And didn’t even care
He kept crying on

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Christmas Senses

by Orla Rennie aged 6

I can see sparkly presents under the Christmas tree.
I can hear Santa and his reindeers landing heavily on my roof.
I can smell the sweet chocolate yule log sitting on the kitchen side.
I can feel

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Nativity Tradition

by Marselis Davis aged 20

The story of Christ‘s birth
Is told every year
Yet it holds the same worth
And it still brings good cheer

The story of herdsmen
Tending to their flock
When angels from heaven

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My Runaway Snowman

by Areeba aged 12

On the day before Christmas
I made a snowman,
As splendid as could be.
I hoped I could keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.
It turned out I could

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