Strive To Learn

by Tazkia Dokrat aged 10

Let’s face it
Nobody’s perfect,
We’re human
We all make mistakes,
We make errors
Which we learn from,
So we can’t give up.
Let’s face it
We have malfunctions,
But those won’t stop us
Oh no they won’t,
Because we strive to learn
We don’t admit defeat,
We keep on going.
Fall down, get up,
Try once, try again
Fall down, get up,
Try once, try again
If it’s easy, challenge yourself,
Knowledge has no maximum
Sometimes it just takes a while to master it.

In the Woods

by Olivia aged 9

In the woods she plays

all on her own, all on her own.

She sees the trees waving in the wind.

Her family is far far away, far far away.

It’s time to go

so goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.


by Isobel McCarthy aged 9

Books are entrancing, books tell tales
Of knights in shining armour skinning dragon’s scales.
Accompanying princesses as they set sail.

Books are enchanting if only you would see,
Books are not being treated as they should be,
Books should be loved and treated with heart, not be ripped and torn apart.

I love books and poetry, which link together like jigsaw pieces in a multipuzzle tree.

Happy Birthday

by Isobel McCarthy aged 9

Happy birthday to you…
Oh I really hate this tune…
You are completely festooned with balloons and party tunes..

You copied my birthday and had a LIMOUSINE!!!!
Your dog ripped a pillow shredded my teddy in his dreams…
So I hope you find the bomb in your cake…

And fall over the rake…
And I’ll cook you at a stake…
But none of these have happened, so, until it does…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!( While it lasts).

My Teacher

by Isobel McCarthy aged 9

My teacher is very handsome, he is someone I adore,

My energetic partner is a bore compared to my wonderful teacher

The one who I like more.

My teacher (Mr Dean) is so amazing,

Life would be so boring it would seem

Without my wonderful teacher, the awesome Mr Dean!

Mr Brain’s New Word

by Levi aged 8

What should I write, Mr Brain?
Mr Bob H. Brain, tell me.
“You can’t hear meh,
I’m inside your head…”
Yes, I can!
“Fine, you can hear meh,

Mime Rhyme

by Shirley Smothers aged 10

Can a mime
Make a rhyme?
Sure a mime
Can make a rhyme.
But who would
Hear it?


by Alia aged 9

I have an oasis

it’s up in the clouds

away from the rush

and the roar of the crowds

Kanye West

by Alyssa aged 10

After a long day of work, Kanye West goes to his Kanye nest to have his Kanye rest.
He wakes up feeling his Kanye best.
Then he’ll get Kanye dressed on his Kanye vest to go on a Kanye quest.
Then he goes to church and gets Kanye blessed.
Then he goes to school to take his Kanye test.
He forgot to brush his teeth, did he run out of Kanye Crest?
His neighbour stole it, what a Kanye pest.

Light and Reflection

by Harshita Das aged 12

Knowledge is the light
The more you absorb, the more you reflect
Other people see you for the light you reflect
The more you reflect,
The more they see
But where is the source of this light?
Where is the sun which shines and donates?
We are the source, the reflectors and the absorbers