by Mayowa aged 10

Homework is torture for us girls and boys
We’d rather be eating or playing with toys

Younger Sister

by Aspen R. aged 7

I collect white flowers,
Tasty strawberries,
Smelly socks,
Tiny Shopkin toys
Like make-up, desserts and sparkly things,
Princess dresses,
Stuffed unicorns, frogs,
Easter eggs, fluffy bunnies,
Rubber ducks (in the tub),
Beautiful leaves that I don’t water,
Chapter books, jewel necklaces,
Oh – and hugs.

World Book Day

by Sulaf aged 11

Today is World Book Day,
It’s the day we have fun.
Today is World Book Day,
It’s on the 1st of March.
Today is world book day,
What clothes do you have?

What Shall I Eat Today?

by Sulaf aged 11

What shall I eat today?
Mashed potatoes and cheese.
What shall we eat today?
Sweet potatoes with cheese.
What shall I eat today?
Mashed potatoes and… geez I’m full.

Too Many Pets

by Hanshika aged 10

Misty is my dog,
today he got stuck in a bog!
He is super naughty.

Millie is my cat
she made friends with a VAMPIRE BAT!!
She is super duper naughty.

Mina is my cow,
SNAKE!! I screamed. wait …
she ran away.
Oh come on now!
She is super duper duper naughty
I think I’ve got too many pets!

The Darkness

by Hanshika aged 10

Once upon an eerie night,
the pitch black room stared,
the two gentlemen got in a long lasting fight.

The gloom galloped upon the dying room,
the cat did not devour
everything in his bowl until the last hour.

You have a bleak future,
the voice inside him cried,
as the old owl slowly died.

Once upon an eerie night…
where bugs under the bed bite.

My Teacher

by Jasmine aged 10

Chocolate lover
Story teller
Fun learner
Lego maker
Archery player
Amazing teacher
Child liker
Animal carer
Good joker

Dr John’s Birthday

by Ewan F aged 10

It was Dr John’s birthday
Or maybe not
He got up at 4 am just to get to work
He went to work on his birthday
Oh yes he did
He wasn’t allowed to open any presents till after 9 o’clock
He went to work as usual and what did he find there
But a waiting room of people wailing in despair

There was…
A man with a broken leg,
A lady, who looked like last Thursday was the last time she had been fed,
A young boy you was being sick
And a random guy called Ned

He went to work curing them all
but lost track of time
And had worked till half past 9
He rushed to get his bags
And switched off all the lights
He locked up and drove away
Hoping in his career that would the latest of nights

When he got back home
He went straight to bed
Once lying down, half asleep
He heard a banging noise
The lights flicked on
And his patients shouted:

His presents were lying by the fire
A cake and snacks were on the table
And balloons were flying around in the air.

Dr John howled,
“This is the BEST birthday EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which Dog?

by Indigo Moss aged 9

Once there was a little boy, his name was Alan, Alan Troy

What Alan wanted most to get, was a special little furry pet
His auntie took him for a stroll to find his perfect mate of soul
He walked past dogs of all the breeds, some asleep, some tied to leads

He saw the cutest Labradoodle, but also fancied the well-groomed Poodle
The German Shepherd,a mighty beast,and a Pomeranian who licked his feet
The Greyhound racing round and round,and the Corgi who made a yapping sound

A lovable loyal Labrador,and and an Alsatian who knocked him on the floor!
He passed a slobbery English Setter, but a Dalmatian surely would be better?
How could he decide, they all seemed fun, but he could only take home one.

Just then a beagle, with eyes like stars, was sticking his nose out through the bars
The eager pup licked the young boy’s hand, to own this dog would be so grand
It was love at first sight, true as can be, so the boy took home THIS puppy!


Now the Day is Over

by Lyla aged 8

Now the day is over
Night time has come,
Now the day is over
Day time is…  DONE