by Sultan Yuliandri aged 10

Dogs are a little dumb.
They can also be numb.
They can act like a bull.
Or act dull.
They can act sweet.
Play around with wheat

Slimy Potion

by Ayse aged 9

A lizard’s leg
a spider’s eye
a bird’s feather
makes a perfect potion

Love You Daddy

by Akshita aged 11

Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on me?

Hi Akshita. The poems you send to the Poetry Zone have to be your own. Why
not write your own poem about your dad?

Support Twinkies!!!

by Graham Tay aged 10

Please support Twinkies
and you will eat delicious food
to go with your snack time food

Supporters for 5th grade and lower
Twinkienators 6th grade only


by Graham Tay aged 10

Twinkies are delicious and good
Such amazing food

And I want you guys to eat them
to support Twinkies and like them

All hail Twinkie Nation

My Teacher is the Best

by Megan Marin aged 10

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My teacher is the best
And yours is not


by Sultan Yuliandri aged 10

Stars can lead you to where you go.
They can lead you to hope.
Stars can be shaped like a row.
They can be shaped like a rope.

If stars are a work of art.
Then they can lead you to a pop tart.

This is America

by Jaiden Turcios aged 11

This is America.
Home of many famous cities .
From the bright lights of New York.
To the Windy city of Chicago.
From the streets of L.A.
To the White House in Washington D.C.
This is America

My Planet Earth

by Prisha and Kartik aged 10 and 12

Oh, my dear motherland, my life,
You have allowed me to live so long
You are unique from the rest of the planets because
You are the only planet with life
With water
With air
With light

Yes I agree that there are people who don’t care about you
But even you are weird because you have bad sides like
Droughts etc
But we love you and you love us too

I Like Turtles

by Graham Tay aged 10

I like turtles
Nothing like turtles
turtles are nice
they look like rice
(not really)

A turtle is cool
in a pool
can dress in a hat
but then it looks fat