True Love

by Ema Hepi aged 8

True love
True love is
True love is hard
True love is hard to
True love is hard to find
How do you find where true love is?


by Harshita Das aged 12

I can hear what many can’t
I can hear the rustle of leaves and the chirp of birds
I can hear the rhythm in the humming of bees
I can hear the heartbeats of those struggling to live
I can hear peace in a meadow where humans don’t exist

I can smell what many can’t
I can smell the heartiness of bread that only the poor can fathom
I can smell the sweet scent of nectar on flowers
I can smell the pureness in the air when the grass is around
I can smell the reek of bitterness from within humans

I can see what many can’t
I can see the beauty in humans that they cannot
I can see the end of the world, burning to ashes
I can see dedication in those who want to prevent it

And although I have gifts
I am merely an observer; observing
A bird easily ignored
But I have senses that many do not


by Harshita Das aged 12

Strange things happen to the best of us
But, strange is only that which is different from us
Who are we to judge what is strange?
For the so-called strange people
Think us strange
And then maybe, none of us are
We are just unique


by Harshita aged 12

Sorcerers don’t know what true magic is
Although they have had a taste of it
They have no idea what real magic is
For even if there were gods
Or other supernatural beings in this world
They would never know what true magic is
And even when we have all had a taste of it
We still haven’t figured out
That magic lies…
In a slice of pizza


by Anapayini Nadkarni aged 8

My life is different than yours,
Some have a family of four!
I like to gaze at bright stars,
they live in a land so far!

People sometimes like hip hop,
Some like pop.
Some like to groove on the spot!
Sometimes you end up on a big, big dot!

Some wake up late,
Also forget the date!
Some get grounded,
But love is unbound.

It’s all like a dream in a far, far land!

Bullying’s Bad

by Harvey James aged 12

No matter what
we shouldn’t bully
it’s bad for the environment
people think it’s funny
so we need to look into it fully
it’s cruel and it hurts no matter what
it’s not fair people
kill themselves because of this
please God can we have justice?

One Kiss

by Leyla Walsh aged 12

One kiss is all it takes takes takes
a dream is all it makes
don’t hit or twist twist twist
you’ll get caught in the mist
curl your hair
and go in a pair pair pair

Poetry Zone’s Birthday

by Penelope aged 9

Happy birthday, Poetry Zone!!!
Have the joy in May.
How old are you?
Let’s start the day!

I’ve ordered the balloons,
I’ve ordered the cake,
Where shall we celebrate?
I know, the lake!

I’ve invited lots of children,
Also Roger Stevens,
Sisters and Brothers are coming too,
Most of the brothers are Kevin’s!

I’ve made the fruit drinks,
Some candy too,
But the candy is written,
In poetry for you!

The day has ended,
We’re all here to say,
Happy birthday to you,
And have an extraordinary day!


by Cherry aged 8

I sleep in the day
and at night
I go by the light
of the moon


by Akifah, Aleena, Maryam aged 9, 11, 8

Did you really trust me,
when you went out and
left me?

It was damp, it was scary
but you did not care
You went to a party
You didn’t believe me

You thought I was a random kid
left on its own
you forgot I was your own
It was like a bear cub left to fight
on its own

So when you came back
mad and dizzy, beating me
to the bone

That is when I ran away
from home