Harry the Shark

by Enid aged 11

Harry the shark was scared of the dark
He didn’t know what to do
He had a very strong heart
but was cheeky at the end of the day

Lovin’ it

by Roisin Campbell aged 10

Lovin’ it, is what I will say
While riding a lovely horse, Neigh!
It is what I say when it is finally May!
This is what I say when I get a piggy back
from my bro Shay!
This is what I say while getting my make up done
by my sis Fay!
Lovin’ it.


by Hamster Lover 24 aged 8

I love chocolate
chocolate brownies
hot chocolate
and of course chocolate milk
Wish there was a land of chocolate
where you could eat anything!

Nature’s Animals

by Hamster Lover 24 aged 8

Hello foxy, hello cow!
Loads and loads of beautiful animals.
Hello hamster, hello hedgehog!
All of those animals to choose from !
I love every one of them

Can You Not Stand In My Way?!

by LW aged 8

Meow, said the sly cat with a sneaky grin
Squeak! The cute hamster said happily nibbling
and admiring another hamster.
The cat sat in front of the beautiful view and said
Aren’t I the most beautiful cat?
Oi! the other hamster shouted,
stop blocking the most beautiful view!
How rude, the cat hissed, I’m off!
The two Hamsters fell in love
and soon got married.
They had two babies called Herbert and Effy

Easter Time

by Isabelle Gulliver aged 8

Easter, and who doesn’t love
A lovely egg hunt to go on?
See a blue one, see a red one and a rainbow one over there.
To see an egg in the garden, how nice is that?
Easter is the best
Ready for it again!!!!!!

One Pound, Two Pound

by Liam B. aged 8

One pound a muffin,
two pound a pancake,
three pound an orange,
four pound a sausage.


by Soraiya Mustafa aged 8

Sisters are annoying,
They make us boys want to run.
Although they are horrible
Sometimes they can be fun
But still us boys are the best
Though we sometimes need to rest!

Go, Go, Go

by Soraiya Mustafa aged 8

Go, go, go, said my mum
Go, go, go, said my dad
Go, go, go, said my brother
Go, go, go, said my grandma
Go, go, go, said my grandad and
Goo gaga said my baby sister

I Am Bored

by Anaya aged 8

I am bored
Very bored
I know I can go swimming
I am still bored