by Chelsea aged 8

Sad times happen
like you get in a fight with your siblings
but there is tight love behind the tie.
Or you lost someone who has died.
Let’s forget about that and have a good time.
Don’t worry
It won’t be sad
it will be happy just like that
Like I say spread joy to spread love.
Not sadness to miserable
Happiness is good.
Don’t forget you are loved.

Covid 19

by Chelsea aged 8

Covid is a mess.
Where is it going next?
Surely it will hit them
sitting in the court yard
with no face mask
The police are there
better get home before they stare
They caught me there
Now I have to pay like a million pounds
I am only eight
Don’t ever dare.
I have a 100 pounds from my birthday
So I will use that instead.
It was just a dream.
Now I know to take care.

Anger Inside

by Thomas Poole aged 11

Always a thriving fire… inside…
Covering over everything in hate
A place people don’t appreciate
Often lives die from stress and anger.

Heat over comes inside…
Often slowly walking out
People trying to have a purpose
Trying to help extinguish
The thriving fire inside!


by Sherdil Asif aged 8

It is spring nowadays,
The time when flowers and trees glow
It is ideal weather for flowers and trees,
The flowers shine with the help of the sun,
Ah! There is just a breeze.
Beautiful little blossoms hanging in trees,
This all happened because of me,
I wished for spring!
My wish came true!
That’s why I am king!

The Truth

by Azeeza aged 14

We make them and break them,
Power, friendship or love?
Forces conspire against them,
Can it be broken,
How long will it last?
It is made with our tongue,
A state of mutual trust,
Support between allied nations,
Both parties gain,
The authorities,
Will they break it,
The hoax mixture?
They use our ignorance,
A great interest,
An oath is made,
A vow to commitment,
Is it good or bad?
How can we tell from the fake words?

How Beautiful Is The Sunset

by Aaditya Akolkar aged 12

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it dips below the horizon.
How vibrant its colors,
Red, yellow, orange and crimson.

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it comes to meet the ground.
The beautiful songs of evening birds,
At that time are found.

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it goes below the trees.
Its unadulterated, raw charm
Makes me weak at the knees.

How beautiful is the sunset,
As it welcomes the night.
The sun will come again tomorrow
To make the day bright.

Mistress Mary

by Ana Arayal aged 9

Mistress Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
and marigolds all in a row?

How many stones has Weatherstaff thrown?
How many plants has Dickon grown?
How many pictures has Colin shown?
Do you still like to skip, or has that pastime been outgrown?

The world can’t be perfect, you know
Sometimes you feel high, sometimes low,
Sometimes you want to ask questions like
How long has the grass not been mown?
Why is the moor air an ailment to pain?
With ivy cascading down the rusty lock,
Will you ever see it again?

The secret garden has many secrets,
but just how many are at play?

Are there daffodils in March
and cherry blossoms in May?

Does the dirt that you held in your hands
have seeds that will flower today?


by Freya Griffith aged 9

My friend offered me a Kimono
I said, Oh no.
She said, “It’s just right,” and I said it might.
Then we got it into the fight, I thought I was the best.
Do you want to hear the rest?
She said, “I want to go to Tokyo.”

I said all right Pinocchio.”
She said  “Wanna fight again?”
“No no, I will get you a ticket now”.

Rags to Riches Part 2

by Freya Griffith aged 9

Two  days later

“Dear diary I have a feeling something bad will happen,” Mija wrote in her diary.
“NO NO NO NO!” Aki rushed into their hut screaming.
“What happened honey?” Ameono said.


Rags to Riches Part 1

by Freya Griffith aged 9

One day there was a young girl called Mija and she lived with her family. Aki was her father and Ameono was her mother. They lived in Guiyang in China. They were quite poor. Her father worked as a farmer and her mother stayed home. Little did they know they had a rich history. The day was Wednesday and Ameono was making dinner, Aki was out harvesting crops and Mija was writing in her diary; “Dear diary today I have done nothing. My friend Jewojh went to Shanghai yesterday so I have nothing to do.”
“Mija dinner’s ready!”, Ameono shouted.
They always have dinner when Aki is home so Mija rushed into the kitchen and gave Aki a massive hug.
“It’s nice to see you father.”

Part 2 coming soon