A New School

by Heva Bashir aged 8

Don’t you get scared when you go to a new school?
Don’t chop off that smile,
Have your smile the right way up!
Don’t you get scared to make new friends?
Don’t be scared, play with them!
Go ask to play everyday!
Don’t be scared, go ask if you can tie their shoe-lace if it’s untied,
Have that smile when you saw it, always be brilliant.
Hey! If someone makes fun of you, what would you do?
Don’t ask to play with someone,
Find someone kindhearted and nice
Don’t be shy to go ask, you can go ask right away with that smile up!
Don’t say you’re ugly,
Call yourself pretty (you are)
And don’t fight back
(Or something bad will happen maybe..)
That rainy day,
Where you lay,
Go find a place to play!
Do you see all those people playing?
Go ask to join in!
You see someone making fun of your skintone/look?
Go on, don’t be shy.
Go tell a teacher right that second!
Do you see that rain coming down so hard?
That is how much you would cry,
But no you won’t!
You would be brave that day,
Always having that dream when you lay?
Go ask people to play!
Did you find someone to play with?
Go on!
Have that joy on your face!
You made it to a new friend!

Ireland Weather

by Abbygail aged 12

Ireland weather is really terrible ,
It rains all the time,
I can’t even catch a break,
Not even while writing this rhyme.
When the rain came, it was just a waiting game for you and me,
If you want to see where I’ll be
I’ll be on a plane with a one-way ticket to Spain.

Richmond Park

by Abdullaahi aged 10

Richmond Park
You’re so funny
You make a elephant fly
That’s why
Nobody comes to your park

A Technological Celebration: The Invention of Robots

by Rajvardhan Mor aged 10

After five years, the mission is a success!
Robots are finally invented.
Everybody has got to know,
Because of articles or famous news channels,
That the common man eagerly devours
Celebration is now a must!
Inside a restraunt or a fancy hall
This news has spread fast!
Faster than flaming hot fire,
Through social media or any other medium,
It is truly the talk of town,
There is a huge crowd gathered together,
Human beings are celebrating technology!
With cheer! They will celebrate success,
With joy and proud tears!

Saw My Teacher on Saturday

by Lexi aged 9

I saw my teacher on Saturday
I can’t believe it’s true
I saw her round the corner
She said, Hi oh hi Miss Appleton
I mumbled like a fool, please don’t tell my mam
What I did yesterday please
So many cans, so little room to hide
Some people think its fine
For our teachers to come out
but when it comes to Saturday
They shouldn’t be let out

Connected by Candies

by Adya Gupta aged 11

Candies are not just drops of sweet color—
In boxes, that connect our hearts,
With flavor and sourness, they escalate boundaries,
And create meaningful celebrations.
Piece by piece.

In Spain, we find the La Violeta,
A candy that unites the city of Madrid
Lip smacking and true to its name,
In Spain, this candy has great fame!

In the UK, the candy gets consistent praise—
From cuisine testers, it is an international delight!
The wonderful Double Deckers!

In Japan, we have the soda-flavored ramune,
It is soft and sour— a delight to the palette,
Much admired by the land of Basho,
I wish I could taste the Ramune in India!

Have you ever seen candies that are called—
Dancing bears? Well! Look not far!
In Germany, we have the Haribos!
A popular part of every Deutschland candy fair!

Candies are so much more than a delicacy
They cure our everyday idiosyncrasy!
They fill our hearts, and brighten every celebration!

Take Off

by Wilder aged 9

Count commencing
Heart thumping
Arms retracting
Fuel pumping
Engines firing
Rockets roaring
Ground shaking
Lifting, soaring
Heat rising
Shudders pounding
Noisy shaking
Boosters sounding
Slowly upwards
Rising, rushing
Going skywards
Forces crushing
Climbing onwards
Seeking higher
Jets propelling
Silver flyer
Air thinning
Darkness closing
Moving faster
View imposing
Bursting, punching
Space surrounding
Into blackness

My First Love

by Jasmine aged 10

I’m going back in a little later
I just wanted you know I was going back in
to get the stuff and stuff for my car
so I’ll see if you want me too
but I’m just not feeling good
and I’m just trying
not feeling well
and I’m just now walking myself to my bed
so I’m just trying my hardest
not being such a pain
and not having a good night
I love and I love and I love
and appreciate your support
I hope you’re doing well
I love and I miss your sweet smile
I hope you’re feeling better I
hope you are too
and I’m so proud and happy
I hope you’re going back
and I’m going back
in a good mood

Come to us

by Lily Mckelvey aged 10

You and me are the best friends
you’ve ever seen
so come to us
You and me
like milk and tea.


by Olive aged 12

Snails are great
Snails are cute
Snails won’t hurt you
Snails are cool