Pollution and Air

by Maysa aged 8

Pollution, pollution
what is the solution?
Air, air please take care
With no air everything will stop
With no air the birds will all drop

There Was a Slide

by Ollie Wells aged 8

There was a slide
It was green
It was short
It filled me with pride

There was a slide
It was blue
When I went on it
I laughed and cried

There was a slide
It was red
When I went on it
It felt like a ride

All About Football

by Theo Jablonski aged 9

We got Tyrone Mings
We’ve got Rahim on the wings
and we got
Pickford between the posts

Random Poem

by Micah Becker Goodman aged 11

Bravery as hard as a brilliant diamond.
Laughter as loud as a trumpeting elephant.
Misery as dirty as a muddy pig.
Relaxation as peaceful as a dreaming angel.
Courage as shiny as a new mirror.
Fear as dark as a death cave .

With Me

by Jessica aged 9

This is us
We are here
Where am I supposed to be?
With me

Let start to go down
Let’s start a new day
It’s time for play
With me

Up early in the morning
Looking out the window
We go to school
With me

It’s a time
We live together
With me

Scabby Stew

by Aradhya aged 9

Scabby Stew, Scabby Stew,
what are you doing,
Scabby Stew?
Millie Moo, Millie Moo,
I’m making a card, for me mam an’ me dad.

MRS Stew, MRS Stew
what are you doing,
MRS Stew?
Millie Moo, Millie Moo,
I’m making stew, for me dear Scabby Stew.

Millie Moo, Millie Moo,
stop talking too us,
Millie Moo!

Am I Even Me

by Lillypop aged 9

Is this me?
Am I seen?
What is clean?
Am I even me?

What is mine?
What do I like?
What is for me?
Am I even me?

Me is where I’m seen

Ellie Soo Jumped In Some Stew

by Aradhya aged 9

Ellie Soo,
her rooms a mess!
Oh yes!
She doesn’t eat her crepes
and falls down the steps!

She doesn’t do her homework,
All she does is lurk.
One day she jumped in some stew,
and was never seen again!
O yesss!

Water, Water

by Aadhya aged 9

Water, Water
all around!
Water here!
Water there!
Water splash, splash, splash!

You help, us dear water,
you’re a roaring leopard at sea,
And the fun you bring to me!

None would be alive,
If it weren’t for you!
So, please, dear water,
Accept my thank you!
Water, water,
I love you!


by Darcie aged 11

Underground all day,
Never-ending days of work.
Working all day long.

Down the cold, dark mine.
Digging deep for precious coal,
Longing for some light.