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by Charlottei aged 10

xxxxxxxxxxxxxIt’s me
xxxxxxxxxxxxHello there
xxxxxxxxxI’m a juicy, red apple
xxxxxxNot a sour, lime green pear
xxxxI’m loved by

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by Indigo Grace aged 10

The light is the way to destiny,
For all is in good hands,
Life is long,
But spirit is eternal,
Therefore good work is done.


by Olivia aged 10

Flower, flower, oh what a pretty flower
In my garden grow, grow, grow
I don’t know what I would do without you
You will be my friend
We will dance
We will sing

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Balloons Sassoons

by Oscar Kaye aged 5

I have a big balloon
It rhymes with the word sassoon
A sassoon is a popped balloon
Oh no! It popped.
Now it’s a sassoon.


by Avanthika aged 5

I took my bubbles
and went outside
I blew it wide
and it flew up the sky


by Ivy aged 6

Family and friends watch together
I love fireworks, they are pretty
Run about on the decking
Every child gets a sparkler
Wrap up warm
On the bonfire, we toast marshmallows
Really bright colours in

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Left Behind

by Charlottei aged 10

Friends we were
A resilient team
Young and wild
Imagined our dreams

Grew up together
at school and home
Darling and sweet
like honeycomb

When bored we would
sit under a tree

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Under the Poppy Field.

by Charlotte Pomeroy-Aldridge aged 13

This is a story about a gun, a gun created for war, to kill.  This was based in 1914
during the First World War.

I lay in a poppy field, deep in the mud.
It’s been over

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Dear Mommy

by Dihini Wijesundera aged 12

Smile like an idiot because you see
Anywhere you are be the happiest you can be
Even in dark, smile through the pain
For there’s always sunshine after the rain
Be the greatest and treat others

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What On Earth

by James Carter

ship lifter
sin washer
loo flusher
world-wide firefighter
life taker
life saver
make a-cuppa-washer uppa
store in tower
hydro power
April shower
feed a flower
I can

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My WW2 Poem I Wrote At School

by Levi

World War Two is announced,
Chamberlain’s voice can be heard in every radio around,
“England is at war with Germany!”

Nazi pilots preparing to send down bombs,
Parents wave goodbye, evacuees wave back,

Multiple bodies on the

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A Letter to the Rain

by Praniti Gulyani

do you collect in the soldier’s boots
that lie unclaimed in moonlit war zones
when the blood rusting on battlefields
crumples into twilit shades?

do you overflow in kitchen vessels
and spread out, so that you

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Magical Portion

by Samaara Taneja aged 10

The purple blood from a blue-scaled dragon
Found in the middle of a volcanic eruption

A devil’s horn from the midst of hell
A halo soaked in poison from an angel

Tossed, crushed, sieved and sprinkled

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My Humble Home

by Iliana aged 10

Everyday, I wake up in my bed in my humble home.
Everyday, I call my friends on the phone.
Everyday, I cry myself to sleep all alone.
Everyday, I acknowledge my humble home.

I gaze at translucent

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Terrific Trees

by Lily McKay aged 9

Trees are brilliant,
They’re peaceful and green.
When you’re dancing in a meadow,
They make a beautiful scene.

I love to see
These trees around me …

The cheerful Cherry
The lovely Lime

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