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My Mummy

by Izzy aged 7

My mummy drinks lemonade
Eats lots of takeaways
Loves English
Likes Shakespeare

My Puppy

by Millie aged 9

My puppy runs around all day
She always gets her way .
My puppy can bite
I tried to put her right.
My puppy is sleepy at the end of the day
We snuggle up

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by Millie aged 9

Supporting each other
Challenging ourselves
Having such a good time learning
Once again too much Homework
Oh what fun we have
Learning with everyone

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My Holiday

by Jessica Sumner aged 4

I got on a plane to go to my holiday house.
On the plane I saw Elsie, Tommy and Granny.

I saw the beach too
I saw a boat
Then I saw the sand.

Then I saw

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by Breach aged 6

Today I waited for a rainbow to come
but it was too slow
But the rainbow never comes when it’s sunny
or if it rains on its own
It only comes when it rains and it’s

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by Joe aged 10

Football is the best
No matter what happens
England is the best
We won the world cup
So what?
We are still the best.


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by Daisy Woods aged 10

Love is an emotion
It’s how I feel about you,
It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling,
Which makes me crazy too.
I fall into a trance
Whenever I see you
Just one dance

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by Siena Brinded aged 7

Flowers are red
Flowers are blue
Flowers are beautiful
JUST like you


by Anon aged 13

Love is patient, love is pure
Use it wisely for it’s the cure,
Don’t be nervous, don’t be shy
Just bake your feelings into a sweet pie.

When you see your love so true
Your grey

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‘Twas the Night before Halloween

by Elsie

”Twas the night before Halloween when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring – not even a louse,
The pumpkins were placed outside the house to scare,
The monsters away with their glowing-gold stare.


Do You Ever Wonder?

by Gabrielle Adebanjo

Do you ever wonder
If monsters do exist?
Cause I’ll tell you my friend they visit in our midst.
They sneak inside your bedroom in the middle of the night,
Soon they creep into your bed

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Do You Know Your Worth?

by Gabrielle Adebanjo

Do you know your worth?
Have you ever loved someone and thought they loved you back?
Then turns out it’s not true and then thought about it through and through
Yet it didn’t make sense!

Sorry I

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by Hanshika aged Unknown

The far away land up in the sky,
Where the moon is so up high.

The light up night,
The shining stars,
All witnessed by Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins.

The colossal galaxy far away.


by Aditi Jain aged 15


Maybe one day
when Luna shines brighter than ever
the men will be able to get out
of the patriarchy system
and realise
how they could have turned
Earth into

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by Iona Mandal aged 13


This is a cesspool of worship.
Dirty and invisible.
The elderflowers look like nuns,
servile and bathing in the holy light.
of the moon.

At the boundary of the magic circle

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