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by Rosie aged 10

Cherries are red like a turkey’s head,
Cherries are sweet like sugary treats,
Cherries are fruit (not an old boot!),
But when you eat them, mind the stone,
Do you like to eat them together or

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by Rosie aged 10

Popcorn is sweet
Oh so nice
Pop pop pop
Cinema snack
Om nom nom
Really crunchy
Nibbly treat

Cat v Dog

by Rosie & Elsie aged 10 & 11

There once was a cat,
who sat on a mat,
then a dog came along
with a very smelly pong!
The cat ran away
and the dog slept all day
on the mat that

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by Tilly aged 6

Unicorns are pretty,
Unicorns like skipping,
Unicorns are pink,
Unicorns twinkle,
Unicorns horns are shiny,
Unicorns hooves are big,
Unicorns eyes sparkle.

Christmas Poem

by David aged 6

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
Christmas, cool Christmas
is always the best day ever
because they give kids presents!


by Anika Rose Whiteley-Roberts aged 5

Eyes brown
Ears triangular
Fur thick
Nose black

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The Beauty-seeing Impaired

by Pragun aged 12

There’s a handsome man out there.
Who thinks that he’s ugly.
Well, teasing has made him blind.
So he can’t see his beauty.
But a cure is waiting for him,
Behind his head.

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by Elsie aged 11

You see him stood there,
you just stop and stare,
you think he is fabulous,
you just stop and stare,
you think he is handsome,
you just stop and stare,
you just stop and

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by Hannah aged 9

Who is that
Wearing a hat?
Look at his lips
I love his pips

He wants a kiss
But he gives me a hiss
I say yes
He wants to be blessed

What should

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Life is Sweet and Sour

by Baraka Adaodat Juliette

Life starts when you are in your mother’s womb,
May you never notice when you disrespect her,
Hurt them, insult them, deny them,
Maybe this is how life is, what you have today is not tomorrow.


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Love and Lies

by Bara

God made Adam and Eve from dust,
So we tend to make love from lust.
I hope that our love won’t rust
But will always be based on trust.

People always tend to base their love on

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by Fathima

See the deep oceans
Observe their wavy motion
Oh, how wonderful they are

Swaying and swaying
How wonderful is nature
Bees and butterflies,
Birds and insects
Flutter around flowers
Spreading happiness

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Snowball Fight

by Sophia Islam-Choudhury aged 9

It snowed last night,
And school was cancelled to our delight.
We jumped out of bed in the morning light,
Put on our things and went out for a
Every kid on our

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Christmas Day

by Katerina aged 8

oh poury rain
oh scary thunder
oh dark clouds
oh Christmas tree falling down slowly
oh Christmas presents
nice or bad day?
it is the best because the of the presents

Christmas Tree

by Ayaan aged 9

Here at the top of the tree
There is a beautiful shiny star
And it is bright.
The little balls on the tree
Are sparkly rainbow balls
That will reflect a mirror
Which will

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