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Shine Bright

by Reeyah Lochun aged 9

Shine bright like star
Even when your feeling down
Let your heart decide the next day
Because you are special just the way you are
Sing your feelings out because your special
Don’t let anyone

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My Garden

by Apoorva Vishwanath aged 8

I saw a garden
which was huge
It had four types of flowers
red, yellow, blue, green

Red looked like ruby
yellow as topaz,
blue as sapphire,
and green as an emerald.

There were

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by Bethel aged 9

I Lo
I Lov
I Love
I Love Y
I Love Yo
I Love You

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The Winter

by Aarnav aged 5

The winter is cold and
Lots of winter coats gets sold
Snow is falling down and
The cold wind is blowing around
The days are getting dark
We can’t go to the park

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Magic and Nature

by Varunikka aged 6

I saw a wizard that had a magical lizard.
There was an owner with a funky hat and a monkey.
There was a beautiful butterfly high in the sky.
And a bee was flying around a tree.

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Night Sky

by India Farmer aged 6

Sparkly stars in the night sky
Planets are in the dark sky
Asteroids are heading for Mars
Comets are in the solar system
Everyone is whooping
at the colourful earth.

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True Love

by Magdalena Graham aged 12

The soft, tender touch of the child.
Loving fingers clutching yours,
Stroking your cheeks softly.
This is true love.

Babbling nonsense words.
Can you make something out?
This is true love.

Wobbling down

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Love You

by Jeff aged 11


I lo

I lov

I love

I love y

I love yo

I love you

Every Night

by Alizah aged 11

Every night
I think of them
Every night
I love them
Every night
I wonder
If every night
They love me

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The Day She Touched My Heart

by David P Carroll

You made me feel true love
Never knowing true love
The day you touched me
I fell in love
I couldn’t believe

I’m truly in love
The pleasures of romance
Drives me crazy but

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Save Fuel

by Aditi Vishwanath

Imagine a life without fuel, where man would slowly yet perish, for the present, it is a nightmare, but soon would be our future.

With the exhausting sources of fuel, we are near to our own end, and one day

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A Magician

by Pragun Pudukoli

A clown wearing a black suit
made arrangements for his show
with the venue as the pavement.
He waited for the spectators to come
and began his show. He removed
strips of coloured paper from

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by Mark aged 8

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Threads of Nostalgia

by Ishaan Singh aged 13

Winter dawn –
I sit with my grandmother
as she weaves the sweater for me.

“You know how happy we were then?”
she says, with a trickle of river
racing down her wrinkled cheek;

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Roger Stevens

by Khalid Dokrat aged 8

Roger has a big brain,
just like his fame.
Every time he comes out,
all he can hear is a shout.
He is great,
even though I’m only eight.
I do not hate,

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