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Up to the Moon

by David Uchegbu aged 8

Ride a rocket
see a rocket
be a rocket
time to take of
In space
inside the moon
put the flag
back in space
back again

Crazy Me

by Prisha aged 11

I am so crazy that I just start crying for no reason
I am so crazy that I just fall down while sitting –
crazy me.
Do we all know what crazy means ?

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The Lonely Strawberry

by Sylvia Chen aged 10

Here is a strawberry
with sadness and kindness
She lives in a lovely garden
All by herself

But the strawberry’s heart
Is full of happiness

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by Myrah aged 5

Pink is the best colour

P is peaceful
I is intelligent
N is native
K is kind

Pink is perfect

Living in Candy Land for 9 Million Days

by Emily aged 6

9 million days in Candy Land
so you can enjoy life
so no worries
you can dance, sing
have whatever you want
so no worries
never struggle
because you want to have fun

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I Love My Mom

by Gabriella Sinisi aged 10

I love my mom because she brightens me up.
She cares for me lovingly like a cake
She is the best
Mom in the world
That you could ever ask for
She treats you good

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For the Love of Food

by Olivia Poppy Tennison aged 13

ich liebe mittagspause


by Mail aged 13

love is everywhere
your parents love you
your family loves you
your friends love you
everyone loves you

Love in Words

by Sophie aged 11

Life is weird,
To be honest, we’re all a bit weird,
Now, here’s the thing,
If you are lucky,
Very lucky,
You will find someone,
Someone whose weirdness is compatible with yours,

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by Niamh Chilvers

I am Mr Stink
I’m smellier than you think
I smell so bad I have no friends
but for me stinky never ends

I am Mr Stink!

One Way in Life

by Harshita das

A thin veil of mist shrouds the path from sight
We stumble and wander along, half blind
Slow dreary steps are taken; darkness takes over the night
We cower behind each other; afraid of what we will

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The Mineshaft

by Laura Driver

Deep down in that cave,
So quiet, so knave,
A lone torch in my hand,
I’m digging my grave.
The mobs start to growl,
The creeper’s hiss, the skeleton’s crack,
I’m starting to think

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Riddles, Oh Riddles

by Hanshika aged 10


I’m beautiful up in the sky,
I’m magical yet I cannot fly,
to people I bring luck,
to some people, riches.
The boy at the end
does whatever he wishes

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In the Sky

by Samaira Pareek aged 8


Oh yes! It’s me ,
I have seven colours,
I shine like a vibrant group of colours
In the sky,
You can see me in the day but never in the night,

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Guess What?

by Iona Mandal aged 12


You loved the smell of forest fires

Sometimes, you would run out

into the open air

and inhale insatiably.

When the fires were milder

You would drag me with you

to the edge of the outback


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