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by Siena Brinded aged 8

L is for loving
O is for obsession
V is for Valentine
E is for everlasting love

Monster Under My Bed

by Zahra aged 10

There’s a monster under my bed
I am hiding in my den.
I wish I was dead
Nothing is wrong with me.
I am just in bed


by Warren aged 9

Cooking with smells and taste
Adding spices and paste
Seasoning with pepper and salt
Serving with pride and joy

Plating like a professional chef
Sending it out nice and fresh
In the dining room there

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by Larna Wentzel aged 6


Dogs sniff around and they wee on the grass
They stick their tongues out when they are hot
They wag their tails
They sleep in the night and during the day
Some dogs have short

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by larna aged 6

Dogs likes to chase their tails.
And they wag their tails.
Some dogs have shorts hair.
They seep in the night and during the day.
And they like to run fast.
And they like to

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Mummy and Daddy

by Hafsa Shah aged 4 nearly 5

I love my mum
I love my dad
They both take me to shops
To buy my favourite sweets
yum yum

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My Valentine

by Jane Edwards aged 15

No card
no chocolate
no sugar-paper note
I don’t mind! Or even dote
upon the fact that my Valentine
wasn’t a scribbled prose
of blue violets or a red rose
because the feeling

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Valentine’s Day

by Chantae aged 9

Valentine’s Day is the best
Valentine’s Day is better than my birthday
Because you get lots of treats if you’re lucky
Don’t get frustrated with my poem
Because I’m trying my best to write this poem

My Valentine

by Daisy Woods aged 10

Happy Valentine’s Day, my beloved,
The light in my life, the milk to my cookie.
So this is for you, the one and only,
Will you be my Valentine?

Your hair is like black silk,

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The Future

by Jane Edwards

Humans? What ho!
They expired long ago
It’s robots now
and don’t-you-know
we need no car if we want to go
to the beach?
What’s that you preach?
They are a figment of

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Suffolk Mole

by Jane Edwards

the most pleasant stroll I ever took
was down a wriggly country nook
ending at a cul-de-sac
a lovely place for a tea-and-chat
But beware, you who travel this lane
(for many have encountered a

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21st Century Opinion

by Jane Edwards

Political point
Paper clip thin, molten lead malleble
Rubber band bendy
Political justice
Dagger red strong
Spider’s whisp risky

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I Am the Poem

by Rebecca Weighell aged 11

I am the man that kills the world,
I am the world that swallows the time,
I am the time that tells the clock,
I am the clock that turns the hands,
I am the hands

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Someone Came Knocking

by Amity Shaw aged 12

Someone came knocking
At my wee, small door…

The Second Chance

by Harshita Das aged 13

The Christmas Tree stood at the centre of the hall
Threatened to be devoured by the gifts around
Shrill golden bells chimed with the wind
Wailing in joy for the rebirth
Of the Single year

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