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The Funny Food Poem

by Kadie aged 10

Here we are now in this moment,
Thinking of that wonderful donut,
And also that lovely cake,
What about that dreamy bake?
Here we go now, what about beans,
Oh, maybe think of those lovely

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by Dexter aged 7

Spellings are the best
Computing is good
Outside play
Old assistant
Loving Teacher

Time for Christmas

by Poppy-May aged 10

Winter time,
Advent time,
Getting ready for his coming time
Smiling time
Sharing time
Trying to do our very best time
Loving time
Caring time
Soon it will be Christmas time

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by Martina aged 6

Clear moon
smiling at the stars
white like the snow
Your melody is like a lullaby.
The moon, like dancing
with the little girl called Martina.


by Juan Manuel aged 6

Moon you are lovely
clear Moon
smiling at the stars
white as snow
your melody is a lullaby
the Moon light stars.


by Agie aged 6

Clear moon
Smiling like the sun.
White like a snowman.
Your melody is a beautiful song.
It’s so beautiful, the melody.
The melody is like a song for baby.
The moonlight dances with the

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Shadows of Happiness

by Deidra aged 16

Consider a broken heart without
A fairy-tale. Without scars from the past.
Without roaring whispers of deep regret.
Life’s dark touch gives nightmares to fleeting souls.
No fading promises nor memories
Of spinning with no

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Our Love Will Never End

by Marielle Pollard aged 11

Our love will never end,
round the corner,
round the bend.
Our love will never die,
not even your sickly sweet smell of apple pie.
Our love will never stop,
even if we eat

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by Daisy Woods aged 10

Love is an emotion
It’s how I feel about you,
It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling,
Which makes me crazy too.
I fall into a trance
Whenever I see you
Just one dance

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Cowardly Cynicism

by Harshita Das

I had thought I had no time to spend
Guilt festered in the hand I did not lend
Why should I give? Why should I share?
Why should I help?! Reality does not care

Those kind words

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To Win or to Lose

by Harshita Das

The gun rests on the tabletop
Blood drips down the wooden legs
Never black and white, like some fictitious fable
For she had sat upon a Powder Keg
Before the bullet was buried inside his head

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Buried Thoughts

by Fathima Muneer

I kept thinking day by day
My mind kept on wandering
On a million unanswered questions
A vast horizon I still had to conquer
But I was still at the start

I stood there reviewing my

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Get Ready for Christmas

by Elsie aged 10

Get ready for Christmas
The tree is going up
The lights are turning on
And the turkey’s getting hot
Christmas, the time of the year
Get ready for Christmas
It’s coming this year

Five Little Reindeer

by Srilakshmi aged 10

Five little reindeer playing in the snow
The first one said,
“Can you see my nose glow?”
The second one said
“Listen to me sing!”
The third one said
“I can hear the bells

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by Lolol aged 11