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The Boy

by Joseph aged 9

There once was a boy with a dream
His dream is not what it seemed
He would fly to the stars and moon
And make a good tune
Or have a big fat orange

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My Friend Olivia

by Jayme-louise aged 9

There once was a girl called Olivia
Who loved to play a lot of trivia
She loved to squeak
And also peaked
For her job, she was a deliverer.

You’re Cute

by Lexie Sheehan aged 9

Your C
Your Cu
Your Cut
You’re Cute!

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Happy Day

by Lexie aged 6

Happy days are the best
A happy day is…

Going to the park
and having an ice cream

A happy day is …
Meeting friends


by Alexandra Prideaux aged 5

Dew drops sparkle like stars in the night sky.
Beautiful voices tweeting from high
Up in trees waving calmly above the milky haze.
Perfume of flowers.
Tranquil spring days.


by Alexandra Prideaux aged 5

A long time ago,
when there were no
the dinosaurs roamed.
The Earth was their home
on the land, in the sky and in the

Pterodactyl flew high,
soaring ruler of

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Love You

by Jeff aged 11


I lo

I lov

I love

I love y

I love yo

I love you

Every Night

by Alizah aged 11

Every night
I think of them
Every night
I love them
Every night
I wonder
If every night
They love me


by Jazmine Jewer aged 11

I l
I lo
I lov
I love
I love y
I love yo
I love you

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by Aditi Vishwanath

The tune of melody
penetrates to the depth of each and every soul,
giving a touch of enlightenment.

The tune of ecstasy frees boredom
from every jaded being
and makes them elated.

The tune of harmony

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Climbing the Steps of Life

by Aditi Vishwanath

Increasing level of difficulty, in each step of this life, compel me to look back, the easy steps just been passed.

The easy steps are gone, leaving us the difficult steps, which is a must to climb, to reach the

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A Dark Glare

by Ilhan Rahman

A black view,
everything new.
A shooting star,
across our car.
Four eyes;
Wandering the skies.
Two heads,
out of beds.
Waiting to receive,
something massive.

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by Mark aged 8

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Threads of Nostalgia

by Ishaan Singh aged 13

Winter dawn –
I sit with my grandmother
as she weaves the sweater for me.

“You know how happy we were then?”
she says, with a trickle of river
racing down her wrinkled cheek;

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Roger Stevens

by Khalid Dokrat aged 8

Roger has a big brain,
just like his fame.
Every time he comes out,
all he can hear is a shout.
He is great,
even though I’m only eight.
I do not hate,

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