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Things I Want to Be

by Will Bates aged 9

Amazon explorer
Mansion inhabiter
Future traveller
Cancer curer
Blue whale swimmer
Diamond creator.

Colours are Everywhere

by Hiba Vhora aged 7

Here’s a colour,
There’s a colour,
Red and Orange and Yellow and Green and Blue
You never know when you’re going to see a colour
You’re a colour,
I am a colour,
Everyone is

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Sailor’s Words

by Brandon Whiting aged 9

The ol’ sea is blue,

and me family back home

are sewing to make sails for the boat I’m on,

the captain will promote me to backup captain!

Some days it’s rainy

and I’d be in me cabin

reading the

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Random Things

by Brooke aged 8

may the six weeks off
when we chill for 6 weeks
make the days run by fast
more wildlife comes to life
as people enjoy their days
like me going to Menorca
make the

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Diplodocus Dale

by Yew Tree Class aged 4-5

My dinosaur called Diplodocus Dale
Had a long, spikey, strong tail
He has a teeny weeny brain
And really likes to play in the rain
Dale’s favourite thing is to stomp
And he loves to

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I Can’t Believe This is True

by Angel Corallini aged 11

Today I found out you were coming
I can’t believe it’s true!
Now I can’t wait to find out
If you’re pink or blue!
A little baby boy or girl
The excitement I just can’t

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by Christina aged 10

Love smells like sweet perfume
Love looks like a cake full of joy
Love feels like a true loves kiss
Love tastes like a sparkling bottle of champagne

When a Girl Likes a Boy

by Mary aged 9

When a girl likes a boy
she would stare into his eyes
so she has to tell a lie
a big fat porky pie
All her friends laugh at her
but all she says is

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by Caitlyn aged 9

A fire was seen across the land

My friend said she would hold my hand

We got on a boat to a new land

So I could have another hand

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Changed Relations

by Ikhlas

People say I was a only sister
Of my many brothers
They thought I was being loved
And yes that was true
Until they changed

Festivals come and go and I waited for their call

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by Logan Capriano

You left me scared and vulnerable
and all the while I crumbled
upon what you had left.
Yet you keep me weeping as I hold on to you
by only the slightest thread
on which

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by Moonlight

I feel so sad
the world is mad
I wonder what it has become
I look outside and see it pass and feel rather glum
What’s the point of living when I’m so dead?

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by Sophie-Jaya Boots aged 8

Little ears as silky as angel’s hair
Little paws that come out of the lair
Little teeth that nibble food
Little legs in a joyful mood
A little nose that senses well
Little whiskers as

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Scooby’s Paw

by Ishaan Singh Sarna aged 13

Winning Poem

Uncle Ben,
Brought you home with him
under his arms.
Your tongue lolling out,
and your eyes wide open
discovering a new place.
When he let you out of his

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Pawprint Shaped Dream

by Praniti Gulyani aged 13

Winning Poem

Gentle tears,
Her lustrous eyelashes
Green mirrors
The seamstress’s cat
Dreams spread out on looms,
Picking at them
Strand by strand
Seamstress’s cat
Sitting by an empty bowl

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