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The Suicide Note

by Maja aged 10

Goodbye fear
Goodbye shame
Goodbye all
Goodbye chains

Goodbye words
Goodbye frowns
Goodbye sadness
Ups and downs

Hello life
Hello love
Hello happiness
Hello the me I am proud of


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by Leyland aged 9

I play football
I play with my friends
I play in the rain
I would like to play in Spain
I play games
I like to aim
I score goals to win

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by Caitlyn aged 9

To whoever reads this

It is the most important part of my life

and it’s gone

The world is indeed in trouble

Please can you carry on the world?


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Diplodocus Dale

by Yew Tree Class aged 4-5

My dinosaur called Diplodocus Dale
Had a long, spikey, strong tail
He has a teeny weeny brain
And really likes to play in the rain
Dale’s favourite thing is to stomp
And he loves to

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I Can’t Believe This is True

by Angel Corallini aged 11

Today I found out you were coming
I can’t believe it’s true!
Now I can’t wait to find out
If you’re pink or blue!
A little baby boy or girl
The excitement I just can’t

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The First Time We Met

by Angela aged 5

The first time I laid eyes on you
I couldn’t help but stare…

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by Caitlyn aged 9

A fire was seen across the land

My friend said she would hold my hand

We got on a boat to a new land

So I could have another hand


by Yasmine aged 11

There was a young lady named May,
Who read a love story each day.
“It’s funny!” she said,
when at last she was wed;
“I didn’t think life was this way!”

Love? I Hate YOU!

by Yasmine aged 11

My love was very sweet
She always gave me a greet
When I came indoors
She gave me lots of chores
But now she is just a bad cheat.

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Life (sad teen poem)

by Aradhna

Why is there life?
I tried to end life
I tried it with a knife
People tell me I am stupid for it
There is no one who loves me
I don’t wanna be, I

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by Aradhna

My day
is ash gray
the night is too long
the words are wrong
there is nothing good to say

As I lay down to rest
no dreams come
it’s for the best


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by May Wooltorton

Never talk to them never go near them just ignore them.
They bully you because they are jealous of you.
They want to make you sad ,very sad.
It can happen online or in person, mostly in

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The Magic Beast

by Juliette John aged 7

Lurking in the river is a ferocious beast,
Ten feet high with three black teeth.
He eats three tuna pizzas on each and every day,
But most of the time he eats grey sticky clay.

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In My Dreams

by Skye Keyser aged 8

In my dreams I’m far away,
having a new adventure every day.
I see monsters riding trains,
while flying in my white and blue aeroplane.
I find myself being chased by gummy bears,
while trying

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The Magic of Fun and Everything

by Samuel Ededjo aged 11

I create the fun of everything
The creativity of it,
from the start to the
middle and the end.

The result,
comes with peace
laughter, joy
and amusingness
It’s is fun and happy

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