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by Amy-Jane Budd aged 9

My Mummy is the best,
She likes to have a rest,
She snores a lot that’s why,
She is the diamond in the sky,
She likes to sit in a trance,
then you think that

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by Eloise aged 8

Pots and pans


by Eloise aged 8

Teachers are happy
some of the time
They sometimes eat a lime
they do not like slime
They really love home time

This poem was about my teacher

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Water Dragon

by Callum Blake aged 6

Sharp teeth
Slapping tail
Round spines
Burning fire
Scraping claws
Bony wings

My Fat Friend

by Sofia aged 7

My friend is extremely fat, she even
eats more then my cat
She’s even bigger then my step mum
If she eats any more, she will explode
If you see her you might want to watch

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My Dad

by Brooke Macdonald aged 8

My dad is so bad
My mum has a blue bag
My sister has a big blister
My cat is so fat

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by Tootsy aged 8

Mermaids are blue
They follow me everywhere
They’re so cute
I take pictures of them
Laughter and friendship
That’s what’s it’s all about.

My Boyfriend

by Kelsey Wellard aged 12

He is special
all I want to say is…
I love you

Cloud Me

by Jaedon Medley aged 12

everyone has a cloud me,
you know, that person above the trees!

he sits there and makes you,
(when you feel blue)

feel better as a person
so there’s no need to be cursin’

so when you

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Fly Through

by Faith Schadewald

I look up to the sky, and I see him fly.
His head is held high, and he’s so full of pride.
A spirit of strength and freedom.
A mind full of wisdom.

They say he’s nothing.

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School Life

by Risha Aleem

I go to school every day,
Every moment seems so grey,
And then when the bell rings,
I say let’s go and play!
Later on in the day,
We have art and shout hooray!!

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My Brother (Kenning)

by Parnoor





All Make Up
One Special Person
My Brother

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The Magic Beast

by Juliette John aged 7

Lurking in the river is a ferocious beast,
Ten feet high with three black teeth.
He eats three tuna pizzas on each and every day,
But most of the time he eats grey sticky clay.

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In My Dreams

by Skye Keyser aged 8

In my dreams I’m far away,
having a new adventure every day.
I see monsters riding trains,
while flying in my white and blue aeroplane.
I find myself being chased by gummy bears,
while trying

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The Magic of Fun and Everything

by Samuel Ededjo aged 11

I create the fun of everything
The creativity of it,
from the start to the
middle and the end.

The result,
comes with peace
laughter, joy
and amusingness
It’s is fun and happy

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