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My Hat

by Diya aged 8

My hat
Got stolen by a rat.

Then my hat
Flew off to a cat.

The cat could not hold it
So where did it go?

My hat
Just sat
on a mat.

I found

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Make a Change…

by Hibah Maryam Haris aged 8

A small change can make a difference
It’s never too late to change your preference.

Prevent deforestation
Encourage more plantation.
Plant more trees
Or suffer the extinction of bees.

Make our seas free of litter

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The Dark Forest

by Triv6o0 aged 11

The forest was dark,
The forest was grey,
The forest held paths that would lead you astray,
Those who entered never came out,
Go near and you would hear the screams and shouts.

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Mini Eggs

by Halimahibrahim aged 7

Mini eggs are funny
and sometimes even very dotty
Mini eggs are scrummy
Mini eggs are sometimes very, very yummy.

Finally Together!

by Year 1 aged 5 - 6

We spent so much of our time at home,
Sometimes it was boring, we felt all alone.

We woke up in the morning and exercised with Joe,
We did it with our family, but they were slow.


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Little Red Riding Hud

by Minnye aged 3

Little Red Riding Hud had a cape of red
A wolf was asleep in her Nana’s bed

Little Red Riding Hud got someone
To save the day

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True Love

by Erin Jones aged 10

Alone on the hill,
Such a cold hill.
Am I alone on the hill?
I look behind me,
Who’s there.
He’s there
The only one for me


by Erin Jones aged 10

It’s a new school,
Walking into this school.
Seems like a cool school,
Will I make friends at this school?
Now I’m in middle school,
I know I’ll love this school.

Was It All a Dream?

by Name please. aged 11

I sat on the bench,
and looked down at my feet.
I looked around,
and watched all the other kids playing.
I was sad and alone
but that was all going to change.

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by Navan Kothari

It’s amazing how one thing can mean so many things
from deep, meaningful love
to tyrannous hate and broken hearts,
from safe healing and sacrifice
to seeping blood and painful grief,
from bright roses that

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by Navan Kothari

There is no definition for paradise
no rights and wrongs
and no boundaries that are restricting you
For some it might be a peaceful life on the beach
with a fresh summer breeze and the sound

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by Navan Kothari

I am not your enemy.
I am not your rival.
I am not your servant either.
I am your king.
I am your king who leads you to where
you should be and should not

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True Joy

by Mia Matthews aged 11


We looked at the landscape before us,
A blanket of golden flowers,
Surrounded by mountains like the walls of a house,
The cotton wool clouds, atop the snowy peaks.

We look at each other,

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The Forest

by Isolde Piddington aged 10


On lightest day, through darkest night,
The forest is large and glorious.
When trees shall fall, feel my might,
I will be great and victorious!

With emerald eyes, when very pure,
I stretch

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Do I Really Care?

by Rhea Joy aged 11


Nature is beautiful
And I will never believe that
Earth is a wasteland
It is clear
That there are endangered animals on this Earth
Why should I care
For hunters that

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