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The Class

by Layla Shannon aged 9

In the class there is teacher
The teacher is cool, she is twenty two
She is so cool
She can sing and dance, she is such fun
In the class there are kids, they like to

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The Wedding

by Shifa Asif aged 7

We go to the wedding,
We have fun,
We dance, and sing along,
We eat food, climb up the stage
To see the groom and the bride shine,
We see every one of our relatives,

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Pokémon Battle

by Avery Todd aged 10

I was walking down the street when I heard a call,
It sounded like it came from the mall,
When I soon found it right in a hall,
A kid out know gave me a ball,

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by Kaia aged 6

Lollipop, Lollipop where are you?
Are you here or are you there?
Where is that Lollipop?
I think he is over there

Lollipop, Lollipop are you in here
or are you in there?
Where is

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by Kaia aged 6

Animals are fantastic and quiet, but some are not
When I went to the zoo I met a talking lion
He said, Do you want to have fun together
But I said no, and he let me

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My Name is Anna

by Anna Rachi aged 6

Hello, my name is Anna
I get caught in my face
All day long
Next to a funny painting
Next to a funny song
“Cea cea cea.”
Do it again!
We continued down

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Explicit Love

by Olutona Emmanuel aged 18

Whenever I turn on my radio
Around Feb`ry, all I hear is love
Even when I open up my window
I see two birds showing love
I can’t really comprehend
What most of my friends

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My Love

by Laoise Lowry aged 10

Look at him
His hair blows in the wind and its all gelled up
His smile reminds me of rainbows
His eyes shimmer like the sun
His body has a 6 pack
He’s perfect and

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My Love For You

by Laoise aged 10

I look at him
His hair is gelled up
His smile OMG
His eyes shimmer
His body perfect
There’s no turning back
When I say I love you

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War Horse

by Melissa

There was a little horse, a clever chap was he,

he looked back in time and its history

Days about the war, when horses they were used

among the bombs and bullets, by which they were abused

They just carried

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Carl’s Day

by Hector

Carl went to school…

My Quote

by Connor S.

If you think about your past, it will be your future.
If you think about what your future can be, it will be.

The past is gone.
The future is unknown,
unless you make the present into

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The Magic Beast

by Juliette John aged 7

Lurking in the river is a ferocious beast,
Ten feet high with three black teeth.
He eats three tuna pizzas on each and every day,
But most of the time he eats grey sticky clay.

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In My Dreams

by Skye Keyser aged 8

In my dreams I’m far away,
having a new adventure every day.
I see monsters riding trains,
while flying in my white and blue aeroplane.
I find myself being chased by gummy bears,
while trying

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The Magic of Fun and Everything

by Samuel Ededjo aged 11

I create the fun of everything
The creativity of it,
from the start to the
middle and the end.

The result,
comes with peace
laughter, joy
and amusingness
It’s is fun and happy

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