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by Jamall aged 9

Moonlight shines in my face
as I walk down the street
Recounted the steps I had done
So I say, Goodbye Moon,
see you tomorrow.


by Mya aged 9

a lava fall
a lava prick
a blazing burn
a huge rock
a rock slam
a lava mountain
a loud bang

The Sun

by Daniella aged 9

A boiling ball
A burning sphere
An eye blinder
A tan producer
A moon lighter
A light creator

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by Joe aged 10

Football is the best
No matter what happens
England is the best
We won the world cup
So what?
We are still the best.



by Sherdil Asif aged 6

Like a jelly,
Wobbles when I twist it,
Slips down when I hold it,
Can be twisted like a snake.
It is something yellowish,
Can be a ball,
A duck,
A worm,

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by Myrah aged 5

Pink is the best colour

P is peaceful
I is intelligent
N is native
K is kind

Pink is perfect

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by Erin Short aged 10

Love is like a flower,
Pick the right flower,
If you were a flower
I would pick you!!!!!!!


by Zuzanna Nowak aged 11

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one you see
V is very very extraordinary
E is for all the emotions I feel for you

the emotion I

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In Love

by Harshita Das aged 13

Falling in love should be good
My heart should feel like soaring
Thoughts consumed in love
With passion I should be roaring

Yet I remain silent and brooding
I’ve fallen in love; but it will leave

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Snowy Owl

by Elsie

Shimmery feathers that the owl holds they have a
Never-ending feel
Of snowy, pearl like
Wintry, magic.
Yet the snowy

Owl has a fierce side
Looking for its prey!

Jolly Christmas

by Sunday E Sunday

Christmas tree, sparkling bright
Filled with baubles, warpath and light
Precious symbol of our affection
For Christmas time and it’s perfection
show each night your radiant glory
For “oohs” and “aahs” obligatory

The tempting gifts

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The Moon’s Beauty

by Elsie

As the sun settles down after a long day’s end
And the sky fills with stars,
I lie on the damp, green, grass watching it from afar.
The sun glows on the horizon like a pool of

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by Hanshika aged Unknown

The far away land up in the sky,
Where the moon is so up high.

The light up night,
The shining stars,
All witnessed by Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins.

The colossal galaxy far away.


by Aditi Jain aged 15


Maybe one day
when Luna shines brighter than ever
the men will be able to get out
of the patriarchy system
and realise
how they could have turned
Earth into

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by Iona Mandal aged 13


This is a cesspool of worship.
Dirty and invisible.
The elderflowers look like nuns,
servile and bathing in the holy light.
of the moon.

At the boundary of the magic circle

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