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by Hitakshi Mandal aged 10

Darkness, darkness in the air
Darkness, darkness everywhere
Bring a light I won’t be bright
What am I?

I’m brighter than a light
I will always shine bright
What am I?

I am emotions, sadness,

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by Ella aged 8

Family, family, I love my family
Sometimes they’re annoying, sometimes they are not
I will always love my family no matter what
I love my mum
I love my dad
I love my sister and

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My Love for You

by Sofia Iglesias aged 10

My love for you is as big as you can imagine.
My love for you is, believe it or not, as big as the world.
My love for you will never change.
A poem for my Mom

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The Cat Sat

by Sockie aged 4 and a half

The cat sat on the mat

She saw a bat

She ran off the mat and chased the bat

She saw a big hat

And caught the bat

Under the hat

Just like that


by Myrah aged 4

White is the best colour I have seen
It shows peace
I love the colour white

Muffin Time

by Tasnim aged 6

I love muffins
but I do not have time to eat them
Why, why, why?

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by Ayse aged 9

I get a quiver of nerve
a blush in the pretty face
OMG I’m going on a date

Roses are Red

by Natalia aged 11

Roses are red
and violets are blue
Can you come to school
with me


by Lilly B aged 10

Love is magic as magic as can be,
Obey the rules and you can win,
Very tempting isn’t it?
End of the story, hope you win

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What Am I?

by Elsie

My first is in Jaguar but not in Guitar,
My second is in Music but not in Far,
My third is in Galaxy and not once in Star,
My fourth is in Secrets and in Spa,

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by Elsie

Beaming-smiling at me,
In the miles of green,
In the miles of colours,
In the miles of free,
Just me and birds, fields, trees,
Just me and the sun, beaming-smiling,
Looking down at me.

What Am I?

by Elsie

Plant feeder
Human hydrator
Weather upsetter
Ocean maker
Without me you can’t live,
I am a type of drink,
What am I?



Answer: water

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Riddles, Oh Riddles

by Hanshika aged 10


I’m beautiful up in the sky,
I’m magical yet I cannot fly,
to people I bring luck,
to some people, riches.
The boy at the end
does whatever he wishes

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In the Sky

by Samaira Pareek aged 8


Oh yes! It’s me ,
I have seven colours,
I shine like a vibrant group of colours
In the sky,
You can see me in the day but never in the night,

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Guess What?

by Iona Mandal aged 12


You loved the smell of forest fires

Sometimes, you would run out

into the open air

and inhale insatiably.

When the fires were milder

You would drag me with you

to the edge of the outback


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