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Tahalil and the Dragon

by Tahalil aged 7

Once upon a time a boy named Tahalil
lived in a good house with his parents.
One day he found a dragon.
It was an ice dragon.
It breathed poison and ice.
He told his

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In the Night

by Jayden aged 9

In the night, not far away
Worms wiggle away
In the night, in the ground
Moles go around

All About Me

by Isla Ainsworth aged 9

I is for Incredible
S is for Striker
L is for Learning
A is for Awesome

These letters spell my name and describe my personality.

P.S Sorry for copying you Cara

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I Love My Family

by Samuel Sharpe aged 3

I love mummy
I love daddy
I love Scarlett
I love our car


by Khadija Arif aged 7/ 8

There is a kitten
There is a cat
There is a kitty
There is a kitty cat


by Chris aged 6

the moon is cool
the rockets used to send monkeys
the moon is cool
NASA is the best
the moon is cool

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As I Walked Down the Lane

by Lulya aged 11

As I walked down the lane,
I saw a person die in flames.
As he wailed in pain,
I watched in vain.
Why was I not helping?
My thoughts began yelping.
How was I

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Just Me and You

by Lulya aged 11

Just me and you; I loved you once;
Just us two. I love you still.
My lover; My friend, I always have;
Until the end. And I always will.

Through good and bad; Just me and you;

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My Brother

by Doris aged 10

We shall never part, even if we break our two legs.
Or even if we break a heart.
We shall never leave, even if the volcano erupts.
Or even if they make us heave.
We shall

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My Love of Food

by anonymous

Food is great because it keeps me alive
I love Pringles; onions and chives,
Donuts are definitely the best
They totally rule the rest,
How can I live without sweet, sweet donuts
They definitely are my

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Someone’s Future

by Talia Parsons

unlimited survivor
air walker
car designer
USA traveller
cancer curer
money maker

Place for Pride

by Harshita Das

The golden leaves of the maple tree
fell to the floor, one by one
until the ground was as gold as the setting sun
as far as the eye could see
then the Tulip teased and

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The Second Chance

by Harshita Das aged 13

The Christmas Tree stood at the centre of the hall
Threatened to be devoured by the gifts around
Shrill golden bells chimed with the wind
Wailing in joy for the rebirth
Of the Single year

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Jingle Bells Ring

by Shifa Asif aged 10

Jingle bells ring,
Is it nearly spring?
Santa clause is here,
Reindeers are tired,
They really inspire,
White, white coloured snow falling
From the purple sky,
Jingle bells ring,
Jingle bells ring,

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White Christmas

by Daisy Wootton aged 8

All I want is a white Christmas
So nobody at all can miss this
Whether it’s Santa coming down the chimney
Or it’s the delicious figgy pudding
All I want is a white Christmas

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