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by Katie aged 9

We are friends
I got your back, you got mine
I will help you out anytime
To see you hurt to see your cry
makes me weep and wanna die
and if you agree to

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My Friend Polo

by Eva aged 8

My friend Polo loves to eat Polos
My friend Polo loves to do solos
My friend Polo loves to make smoothies
But hates to drink slushies

I’m Back!!!

by Pourandokht Jafari Dizaji aged 11

Guess who’s back at Poetry Zone!
You’ve got it, it’s me!
This past year has been seriously busy
Wait until I tell you, you’ll see

I’ve had my 11+, awake at all hours
And my summer

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by Myrah aged 5

Pink is the best colour

P is peaceful
I is intelligent
N is native
K is kind

Pink is perfect

Living in Candy Land for 9 Million Days

by Emily aged 6

9 million days in Candy Land
so you can enjoy life
so no worries
you can dance, sing
have whatever you want
so no worries
never struggle
because you want to have fun

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I Love My Mom

by Gabriella Sinisi aged 10

I love my mom because she brightens me up.
She cares for me lovingly like a cake
She is the best
Mom in the world
That you could ever ask for
She treats you good

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In Love

by Harshita Das aged 13

Falling in love should be good
My heart should feel like soaring
Thoughts consumed in love
With passion I should be roaring

Yet I remain silent and brooding
I’ve fallen in love; but it will leave

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Just Friends

by Harshita Das aged 13

You came to me weeping for me to take you in my arms
I loved your smile, your snort, your eyes, your charms
We looked away, our eyes never open enough
Now to be just friends is

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For the Love of Food

by Olivia Poppy Tennison aged 13

ich liebe mittagspause

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Jolly Christmas

by Sunday E Sunday

Christmas tree, sparkling bright
Filled with baubles, warpath and light
Precious symbol of our affection
For Christmas time and it’s perfection
show each night your radiant glory
For “oohs” and “aahs” obligatory

The tempting gifts

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The Moon’s Beauty

by Elsie

As the sun settles down after a long day’s end
And the sky fills with stars,
I lie on the damp, green, grass watching it from afar.
The sun glows on the horizon like a pool of

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Dilemma of War

by Sunday E Sunday

We are orphans and fatherless,

our mothers are as widows,

our inheritance is turned to strangers,

our houses to aliens…

We have drunk our water for money,

our wood is sold unto us,

we get our bread in peril of

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Riddles, Oh Riddles

by Hanshika aged 10


I’m beautiful up in the sky,
I’m magical yet I cannot fly,
to people I bring luck,
to some people, riches.
The boy at the end
does whatever he wishes

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In the Sky

by Samaira Pareek aged 8


Oh yes! It’s me ,
I have seven colours,
I shine like a vibrant group of colours
In the sky,
You can see me in the day but never in the night,

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Guess What?

by Iona Mandal aged 12


You loved the smell of forest fires

Sometimes, you would run out

into the open air

and inhale insatiably.

When the fires were milder

You would drag me with you

to the edge of the outback


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