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by Jessie aged 7

I like books
I love poems and riddles
I like big books
and small books
and long books
and short books
I like books


by Audrey aged 11

Through rain and mud,
Through sleet and ice.
A person must not take their flights.
For if you do, you will wilt,
And not long after you’ll feel guilt
Don’t take flight from boredom or

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by Elsa Yule :) aged 8

There’s Dennis
And Nasher
Nipper and you
and Pie face
JJ too
And Minnie
And Betty
With Yeti
Bash street
and James,
a Calamity Gang

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by Shiloh Anaset aged 6

Oh Christmas
it’s a time to spend with family
so get your guitar and piano
Yeah, yeah!


by Siddak Jhamat aged 6

Pawn moves first,
Bishop moves next.
Every step is a move.
Every move is a turn.
You take the King, you win!
You take like a maniac and you make your enemy weak.

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The Xmas Flower Pot

by Swannya aged 6

At night you shine so red and bright
your leaves are so glittery and greeny
One day…
you will grow beads on you
and be the prettiest flower ever
Your pretty little nice smell

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The Sun

by Charlottei aged 10

Glistening through creaks in billowing fluff
getting warmer as the clouds float by
warm on the skin, a bless not a sin
scorching so high in the sky

Warm is the ground as the people walk on

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by Layla (AKA Laly) aged 14

You’re warm in his arms.
Lying by his chest.
Looking at the stars.
Lying in the grass.
Closing your eyes and relishing the dark.
Ohhh, you’re in his arms lying under the stars.

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My Cute But Annoying Little Brother

by Raihan aged 9

He’s so annoying when he screams
He shrieks as if he has a lion
He’s an adorable cute baby
but he can be nice to me
He’s so cute everybody adores him
but I love

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Beautiful Beard

by Harshita Das

As deep as the ocean
As dense as the forests
I look at you, and I feel like looking into the eyes of an abyss
I get lost in the swirls and waves
The spirals which

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Unpredictability of Creatives

by Harshita Das

Unpredictability of creatives
The burden, sometimes, carried with ease
Heavy as the stars, sometimes light as a breeze
Some days each word spoken is great and profound
And others, within the chains of language and ambition

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Outside Me

by Prisha

You know my name
Not my story

You see my smile
Not my pain

You notice my cuts
Not my scars

You can read my lips
Not my mind

So don’t be quick to judge

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by Emma F. aged 10

Every Christmas there are lights
Some are bright
While others are dark as the night
You can see it if you look
But be careful cause some are hung by hooks
Christmas lights go all

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Winter Morning

by Carys Davies aged 10

Winning Poem

I ask no lovelier thing
Than this winter morning:
See how the sparrow bounces on the thin branch,
Its feathers fluffing up against the chill;
See how the sun hides, peeping

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What Santa Does Before Christmas Eve

by Anvit Likhate aged 11

So let me tell you what Santa
Does before Christmas Eve,
(Pure imagination )
It’s just a guess
(Rather, a complete guess)
But I just think that the humor is less.

So, Santa was checking

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