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Oh My Dog

by Krzysztof aged 10

Oh my dog
I love my dog
“Ruff, ruff!” goes my dog

Dogs, dogs
Please no bites

“A CAT!” Go all dogs
A calm place

Dogs chase cats
Stop all the

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by Samiksha aged 9

No one knows Earth,
How it talks,
How it walks,
How it fights.

All we know,
Is that earth…
Is our home!


by Samiksha aged 9

Eyes black,

A demon trap,

I can’t see in you,

For sure that’s true.

Eyes red,

Like blood in the mirror,

Dipping down,

You’re full of terror.

Eyes orange,

Like a Halloween night,

I’m coming to you,

Like larva will

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Cats, Oh Cats

by Julia aged 6

Scratch, scratch do cats
Scratch, scratch goes all about
A cat scratch

I love my cat
Even if it does a scratch

The Outpost

by Qais aged 9

Yesterday, I saw the outpost awaken
Tanks plodded out of their garages
Soldiers marched out of their departments
Fighting the infected
To save their families
And the lives of their own.

Yesterday, I saw the

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The Sea

by Abdul aged 9

Last week I saw the sea wrestling.
It punched and even kicked,
pushed too.
it had fallen.

Last week I saw the sea shouting.
it was scared.
because it heard sounds.

Last week I saw

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The Cloud

by Imogen Allison-Flower aged 10

I am a cloud
Recently life hasn’t been very loud,
There aren’t many people around any more,
The sky is a bore.

Across the world I drift
The water I drop gives every living thing a

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My Mum

by Daisy W aged 11

This poem,
this little rhyme,
this tiny ditty,
is not about a crush
or a partner.
But my Mother.

You see,
she means sooooo much to me,
the way she calls me Pumpkin

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Solar Eclipses

by Iliana aged 10

A Solar Eclipse isn’t just a time in space, the sun and moon meet,
The grace in the movements as they approach each other,
The moment as one meets another,
The event of a solar system celebrating

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by Lola Sattar

Caffeine shots
I love it
Ripples on the shore

Quivers shooting down your spine
Molten ice
Frozen lava
Not a word,
A deafening cycle

Find Peace with Him

by Alisa Gudkova

My friend,
We walked up the steps to each other…
For every step up we paid
But no coins, no likes on social cage, no grams…
With our own currency, filled with undivided suffer

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Casted Shadows

by Aditi Vishwanath

Shadows are only black,
formed either at the front or at the back;
Perhaps, it’s a coward, shy to be free,
it always accompanies us, too shy to flee.

But my mind’s questioning,
why shadows are

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My Humble Home

by Iliana aged 10

Everyday, I wake up in my bed in my humble home.
Everyday, I call my friends on the phone.
Everyday, I cry myself to sleep all alone.
Everyday, I acknowledge my humble home.

I gaze at translucent

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Terrific Trees

by Lily McKay aged 9

Trees are brilliant,
They’re peaceful and green.
When you’re dancing in a meadow,
They make a beautiful scene.

I love to see
These trees around me …

The cheerful Cherry
The lovely Lime

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My Rainbow Garden

by Lily McKay aged 9

I love my rainbow garden
It explodes constantly with a kaleidoscope of colour

Red is for the plump, juicy tomatoes
Preparing themselves for a feast

Orange is for the gigantic sunflowers
That warm my heart

Yellow is

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