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by Seren aged 9

colour – creator
day – mimicker
human – scarer
baby – waker
noise – maker
ground – shaker
flame – thrower
spark – shooter

A Christmas Haiku

by Will Bates aged 10

Rich chocolate logs
Long games of Titanfall 2
Exciting presents


by Harshita Das aged 12

Victory’s rhythm runs in my mind
As on gold, my name’s enshrined
Heart beating like THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!
Mind going, “Help me, MUM! MUM! MUM!
As I climb up high
With a tune in my

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My Golden Cat

by Diya aged 6

My golden cat
Sleeps on the mat.

My golden cat
Plays with the woollen ball.

My golden cat
Climbs up the wall.

My golden cat
Gets very fat.

My golden cat
Runs after other cats

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by Diya aged 6

I fell from a fluffy cloud.
You will be scared as I can be loud
When I come with lightning, my big sister
And when I come with thunder, my big brother.
When I go with

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Main Roadways

by Is’Haq aged 7

It has five wheels and one inside.
It can have 2 or 4 doors.
It can be big or small.
It must have a name.
Some of them can have a roof.
Some of them

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Truth or Dare

by Elsie aged 12

Do you like anyone? My friend said,
Me: Maybe.. ,
but yes was in my head.
Friend: Who, who, who do you like!?
Crush: I’m not saying.
Me: Me too I said.
It all

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by Lily aged 11

dates are nerve-racking
you mess up quite a lot now
date is fun today


by Alisha aged 10

Friends smile at you
They like your face
They want to be with you
Any old place

Friends have fun with you
Friends share
They’re glad when you’re happy
When you’re sad they care

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These Four Walls

by Ayomide Odukoya

When I first came to
Grays Convent School
I knew that it would be like a zoo
But it is my home; a precious jewel.

In 1899, it was made
Four generations before I became

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The Patient Wait

by Asiru Abdullahi

Dear 2018,
Amidst perilous travails, pain and despondency,
From families and friends, haters and enemies,
All life challenges and adversities,
Yet I’ve come so far!

Amidst exasperating outbursts and appalling criticisms,
All in a bid

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Harvester of Souls

by Asiru Abdullahi

He takes a step towards the threshold and knocks,
“Open up! Thy time is up!”
“Oh! You’re here for my soul, not so?
I beg of you, give me more time,
I’m yet to explore the

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by Imaan Ahmed aged 6

Be ready to put the baubles on the Christmas tree.
Angels are flying around the Christmas tree.
Use some tinsel for the Christmas tree.
Be good around the Christmas tree.
Look at the sparkly glittery decorations

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Santa’s Reindeer

by Elsie aged 12

Rudolf’s nose – as red as a cherry,
His antlers long – sturdy as any,
He flies through the air – as graceful as ballet,
Making sure Santa is on his way.

Dasher is fast – as fast

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by Mia aged 7

The season’s come up again
Everything is new
Now we’ve got winter
The other seasons have blew.
The next door neighbour
Loud and clear
We all can’t wait
For the reindeer