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The Land of the Snow Dragons

by Adam Rafael Holmes aged 9

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In the palatial Himalayas,
Half way up the Chinese face
Of glacial Mount Everest,
There is a gateway to the snow dragon race.

I go there in snow-storm powered missiles,

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Goodnight Mr Tom

by Brooklyn aged 10

Mr Tom realised
oh my god
that he needed
to go to the pod
William got sent
to his house
and found
lots of friends

A Nonsense of Nouns

by Ted Bates aged 10

A jumble of eggs
A cluster of kiwis
An assassin of sandwiches
A dough of pizzas
A marble of melons

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by Dihansa Ranasinghe aged 6

Mine is a comet
whistling through space
towards a distant planet
But the planet has a woolly hat
on its head
and my snowball missed it!

My Dad

by Ricco aged 7

My dad is funny
He makes my day sunny
He plays games with me
And takes me swimming in the sea
I love my daddy more than he knows
And I really hope that it

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Sizzling Lava

by Luka aged 8

Hot lava
As hot as an oven
Hotter than hot

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Started with a Smile

by Katie aged 12

It all started with a note
To meet under the tree
Where we used to share our memories
Of songs and silence
Of friendships and fights
That all led up to this moment

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The Lovers of the Loch

by Zealous CHIP aged 11

The lovers of the Loch,
loved pure, loved true.
Their love ’twas forbidden,
though their choices they don’t rue.
An elvish bloke, a human babe
who’d have ever thought,
but their flawless love was

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My Older Brother

by Ella Thomas aged 9

My older brother is someone I adore,
Someone who I can look up to,
I show off to my friends and say he has a six pack,
But I love him so much, he is my best

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The Eye of Hurricane Michael

by Pragun Pudukoli

When hurricane Michael reached our town,
it decided to make my neighborhood
its center. It became the location of its
eye. In the middle of the eye was I.

The eye was as long and wide as

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Decisions and Choices

by Aditi Vishwanath

On one side of the world,
lives a generous man,
with wisdom and intellect,
affable and austere.

But, on another side of world
lives an egoist, aloof in his own,
being, a disciple of disharmony,

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by Saffa Aziz

It’s not easy to smile
When you know that
Everything’s not okay

But you smile anyway
So other’s think you’re okay

But if someone asks if you’re okay
And you say everything’s okay
In the

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by Mark aged 8

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Threads of Nostalgia

by Ishaan Singh aged 13

Winter dawn –
I sit with my grandmother
as she weaves the sweater for me.

“You know how happy we were then?”
she says, with a trickle of river
racing down her wrinkled cheek;

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Roger Stevens

by Khalid Dokrat aged 8

Roger has a big brain,
just like his fame.
Every time he comes out,
all he can hear is a shout.
He is great,
even though I’m only eight.
I do not hate,

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