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Where You’ll Find Me on a Cold Winter’s Day

by Isla Jenkinson aged 8

Whenever the wind is blowing,
Whenever it’s cold outside,
The fire will always be glowing,
You’ll find me warm inside.
I’ll be nice and cosy in my chair,
If it’s cold, you’ll find me there.


by Lucy Earp aged 13

Hope is amazing no matter how small
It provides a comfort which helps us all
We can feel alone
But hope is there
To bring us all a sense of love and care

My Teddy

by Akshara Vasanthan aged 7

I have a Teddy
His name is Eddie
He is silly
His best friend is called Millie
Me, Eddie and Millie love nature
We saw a creature
I never feel chilly
I love

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The Little Bird

by Anayah Khan aged 6

The little bird played on the shrub,
then he went to the swimming club.
He always slept on the couch
with his wide open mouth.
He liked to eat sunflower seeds
with his friends, the

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My Sister

by Charlotte Raven aged 5

I have a sister
Her name is Harriet
She is nine
I love her

My Twin

by Hanna aged ?

My Twin is called Minnye,
She is very dumb,
She calls a poem a pom,
I want to kill her with a bomb.
She is very annoying,
She always takes my turn on the computer,

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I’m Standing Here With a Broken Heart

by Olivia Matthews aged 10

I’m standing here with a broken heart
It kills me to say I’m still in love with you
It was like this from the begging of the start ,
I know I’m not the first, you’ve done

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by Chelsea aged 8

Love is weird
Love is good
When you fall for it
It will catch you like a dove
It is the time where we confess
The love from us
If you have a crush

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Rivers of Wildlife

by Xindi Huang aged 11

Wildlife is a river,
Flowing hard with waves,
Bright with exposure,
Avoiding all caves.
Can you hear those roars?
Or maybe they are calls,
Or maybe they are whimpers –
Touch them with

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My Academic Paper on Why Exams Ruin Lives

by Harshita Das

This essay, which is meant to introduce the widespread public
To the problems which are overtly intimate to the student community
Every year, twice, students are overburdened with incredible stress
(Or four times a year – it

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by Jane Edwards

words: snap them in your bag
swirl them round your head
rinse and spit them out
hold them off and go to bed
‘words’ is just the term
for the things that live inside

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by Jane Edwards

The plush clouds oozed light
bleeding gold over the land
forcing the people alive
forcing us to stand

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The Planet We Share

by Alyssa Maxwell aged 8

The planet we share is in danger
The environment has gone wrong
The ocean is full of plastic
You can’t hear the whale’s song

The world around us is grey
And we need to make it

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by Alice Beesley aged 9

The creatures of the rainforest
Are in an impossible battle against mankind
They can’t win
Humanity is too strong
We’re hurting them
The vulnerable, hopeless animals and trees, dying
Species of animals are becoming

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For a Hundred Years and a Hundred More

by Rohana Stentiford aged 11

Five hundred years I’ve been stuck in the sand
Since you discarded that bottle you held in your hand
I rolled down the path and under a bush
‘Til that big winter storm gave me a push

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