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by Hannah aged 10

Christmas is close
14 days till it comes
and it’s freezing
But here in Florida
it is 40 degrees
but, I’m still


by Sofia aged 7

Unicorns are lovely.
Unicorns can fly.
Unicorns are beautiful.
Unicorns are fluffy.
Unicorns have pixie dust.
Unicorns are magical.


by Austin aged 8

A book called It i have just read
its about a boy whose mum wished him dead
she treated him cruel and gave him no food
she hit him and shouted with words very rude

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by Ewan aged 9

On the train,
The smoke gets in your face,
You hear a whistle,
Your ears ring like mad,
The train echoes in the tunnel and it goes really dark,
You come to a halt,

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Mrs Norman

by Jessica Lauren Ditch aged 7

Marvelous teacher
Remarkable at teaching
Splendid teacher

Never go away
Or we will miss you
Really good teaching
Mrs Norman
An outstanding singer
Never leave us

Teachers in the Staffroom

by Kiera Garrett aged 10

Do teachers turn into Aliens after three o’clock
or turn into the most ugliest one-eyed teachers of all time?
Do they turn into unicorns who poops out rainbows?
But I know one thing
They do lots

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by Sulaf aged 10

I love my mummy,
I came out of her tummy,
I love her food it is so yummy,
She is so scrummy,
I love my mummy.


by Cerys aged 10

Together we can achieve lots,
Alone we can achieve dirty pots,
If we work as a team we can make a house,
Alone we can scare a mouse,
Together we can achieve lots,
Alone we

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This Wide Wide Sea

by Eva May aged 9

All alone on this wide wide sea,
Wondering if he still loves me.

Gazing out at the ocean waves
Wanting to hide in an octopus cave.

Looking at the waters move
I see a jellyfish having a

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by Sejr

S is for Steady, a loyal pal
E is for Enriching, bettering others
J is for Joyful, always looking on the bright side
R is for Real, authentic in character


by Adrian

A is for Artistic, full of creativity
D is for Decisive, capable of bold actions
R is for Reliable, a buddy you can count on
I is for Inspirational, the ability to motivate
A is for

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Teacher, Teacher

by A Jeevan Kirthic

Teacher, teacher
If you can’t find Sue…

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by Harshita Das aged 11

Out from the window
I look up to see
A snow-covered lawn
And presents for me

A big Christmas tree
With lights dangling down
A silver star on top
And absolutely no frowns


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by Hannah aged 10

Christmas is a time to share
with loving and care
We also have presents
under the tree and when
we get the
we are as holly as can be
I love Christmas!

Legend of the Stork

by Harshita Das aged 11

There He lay
By shepherds
And animals
Who kneeled
Before him
Each longing for a glimpse
Awed by his presence
Each offering gifts
Expensive, bought with gold
To the

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