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by Anais Ampuero aged 11

She is a top model,
she’s a pearl in the ocean.
She’s an ideas machine,
she’s the hidden truth,
a travel book.
She is my rain, my sun,
a part of my here.

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What is a Cloud?

by Anais Ampuero aged 11

A cloud is some paint,
that a blue bird made,
to give us all,
a bit of shade.

A cloud is a machine,
that makes water to drink,
it produces electricity,
and much more

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About Our World

by Ranya aged 9

We’re killing the Earth
and that’s not fun…

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My Cat, Micha

by Dexter aged 10

My cat Micha is so cute
By doing nothing she makes me mute.
Imagine if you put her in a suit
I still don’t know if she is real?

She would probably fit in a boot,

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Springtime is Here

by Emilia Roach-Rooke aged 6

Springtime, Springtime here you are,
Springtime, Springtime near and far.

Flowers all around us with sweet smelling smiles,
Lambs in fields for miles and miles.

Chicks are hatching fluffy and yellow
Sun is shining, we are feeling

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by Sophia aged 6

I have a pet fish,
She is called Squish,
She likes to grant my wish,
She always eats from her dish
And with her tail, she will swish

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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

by Iliana aged 10

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
A river flows,
Within you.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your dance was graceful,
Especially as the wind blew.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,

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Best Friend,

by Iliana aged 10

There Were Moments Where We Loved Each Other,
Moments Where We Avoided Each Other,
Moments Where We Returned To Our Beautiful Friendship,
Moments Where We Cried Together,
Moments Where We Suffered,

But There Was Never A

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by C.J. aged 14

Rose are red
Voilets are blue
But I love my family

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Who Am I?

by Caitlyn

I’m a child but I’m still older
who am I?i
I get down on my knees every night
who am I?
I read the same book over and over again
who am I?

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Bored in Quarantine

by Elsie

I am stuck in a house in quarantine,
And thinking… I’m bored, what can I do?
I sit and think… and
I realise, that there are tons and tons of things to do inside!
If I

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Covid 19 – The Aftermath

by Elsie

The birds sing their HAPPY song,
Flowers RISE toward the sun,
Bees buzz and pollinate flowers,
Children SMILE and play for hours,
Streets are CARED for – NO LITTER to be seen,
Parks and pavements

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True Joy

by Mia Matthews aged 11


We looked at the landscape before us,
A blanket of golden flowers,
Surrounded by mountains like the walls of a house,
The cotton wool clouds, atop the snowy peaks.

We look at each other,

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The Forest

by Isolde Piddington aged 10


On lightest day, through darkest night,
The forest is large and glorious.
When trees shall fall, feel my might,
I will be great and victorious!

With emerald eyes, when very pure,
I stretch

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Do I Really Care?

by Rhea Joy aged 11


Nature is beautiful
And I will never believe that
Earth is a wasteland
It is clear
That there are endangered animals on this Earth
Why should I care
For hunters that

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