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Who You Are!

by Gabrielle Adebanjo aged 11

I’m always going to stand out from the crowd,
I’m gonna ALWAYS make my mummy proud, really
I’m gonna always study hard,
So one day I can buy a nice car,
I’m gonna be a superstar,

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Tooth Fairy Madness

by Gabrielle Adebanjo aged 11

Sssh, be quiet!
Before she awakes,
You know if she yawns, there’ll be an earthquake!

Aren’t humans such weird looking giants?
Everything about them seems like rocket science.
Snap out of it and just

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Love = Mum

by Gabrielle Adebanjo aged 11

Love is something everyone needs
Joy, happiness, that’s where it leads,

When I think of love,
I think of my mum
Because my mum is tons of fun.
She makes me laugh,
She makes me

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by Joe aged 10

Football is the best
No matter what happens
England is the best
We won the world cup
So what?
We are still the best.



by Sherdil Asif aged 6

Like a jelly,
Wobbles when I twist it,
Slips down when I hold it,
Can be twisted like a snake.
It is something yellowish,
Can be a ball,
A duck,
A worm,

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by Myrah aged 5

Pink is the best colour

P is peaceful
I is intelligent
N is native
K is kind

Pink is perfect

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by Anon aged 13

Love is patient, love is pure
Use it wisely for it’s the cure,
Don’t be nervous, don’t be shy
Just bake your feelings into a sweet pie.

When you see your love so true
Your grey

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by Jewel aged 14

It ain’t my fault
you keep turning
me on
It ain’t my fault
you got me feeling
so strong
JOE from england love you baby booboo love kisses


by Erin Short aged 10

Love is like a flower,
Pick the right flower,
If you were a flower
I would pick you!!!!!!!

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Do You Ever Wonder?

by Gabrielle Adebanjo

Do you ever wonder
If monsters do exist?
Cause I’ll tell you my friend they visit in our midst.
They sneak inside your bedroom in the middle of the night,
Soon they creep into your bed

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Do You Know Your Worth?

by Gabrielle Adebanjo

Do you know your worth?
Have you ever loved someone and thought they loved you back?
Then turns out it’s not true and then thought about it through and through
Yet it didn’t make sense!

Sorry I

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by Zainab Data

Friendship is the best
it can never hurt you
you should treasure it for life
like it’s for you

Have fun with your friends
it will never make you sad
don’t do anything bad

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by Hanshika aged Unknown

The far away land up in the sky,
Where the moon is so up high.

The light up night,
The shining stars,
All witnessed by Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins.

The colossal galaxy far away.


by Aditi Jain aged 15


Maybe one day
when Luna shines brighter than ever
the men will be able to get out
of the patriarchy system
and realise
how they could have turned
Earth into

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by Iona Mandal aged 13


This is a cesspool of worship.
Dirty and invisible.
The elderflowers look like nuns,
servile and bathing in the holy light.
of the moon.

At the boundary of the magic circle

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