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I Wish, I Wish

by Jason aged 7

I wish I was a monkey who can swing from tree to tree.
I wish I could eat bananas for my tea.
I wish I was a monkey with a monkey family.
I wish I was monkey

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My Baby Brother

by Ehab aged 7

My baby brother is cute
He is my best dude
He makes me smile
when I am not in a good mood

My Dog

by Lacey aged 8

My dog is very playful
My dog is very good
He even loves to fetch
and most of all I love him so much

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Look After People

by Jia aged 6

If you want to be a baby sitter
That’s fine
But you have to trust your mom and dad
To be good
So I am off
To go on to my next poem


by Jia aged 6

Poems can be anything
You can make poems up too
So why don’t you
Try writing
Your own poem?

All About Myself

by Bria aged 6

Sometimes I am cheeky,
Sometimes I am good,
Sometimes I am naughty,
Sometimes I am brilliant.
I like to do writing,
I like to do drawing,
I don’t like to cry
and I

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A Type of Love No One Will Forget

by Samuel aged 11

Part Two

We danced on the Moon,
We played on Mars,
We slept on Jupiter,
We ate at Mercury,
We sang on Pluto,
We swam in Uranus,
We slept on Neptune,
But then

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This is LOVE

by Elsie aged 12

Love comes in any way
Open up, feel free to say
Very deeply love can go
Everyone is individual

Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

by Harini Elavarasan aged 10

M is for my one and only
O is for organizing my life
T is for creating a tower in my heart
H is for your heart as pure as gold
E is for your endless

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Moving On

by Annabelle

Memories of Barbies are fading,
Old broken dolls at the bottom of my cupboard,
Valuable experiences forgotten,
Imaginary pets lost,
New friends discovered,
Goals met,
Opening doors towards the future,
Numerous opportunities ahead.


by Stephen Holmes

On a trampoline
I like to bounce
Up high
Down low
Front drops
Full twists
On a trampoline
Is where I love to be

A Dog

by Rosie

A dog went up to a man
and said to the man
I don’t like you
and the man said to the dog
I don’t like you either
The man went home
and the

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The Artist

by Fatema Zahra Mithwani aged 9

Emerald green trees
all thick with
tower up like
as the golden sand
ripples with
showing its willingness
to receive
a sprinkling of

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A Testament to the Divine

by Fatema Zahra Mithwani aged 9

Within the Realm
of Infinite Possibility
there lies a paintbrush
magnificent in its ability

A paintbrush of illustriousness
A paintbrush of delight
A paintbrush of fulfilment
of majesty
of might

With the sweep

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Poem Poem

by Leksi aged 8

I wish I was a gymnast,
I wish I could listen to the music that I dance to,
I wish I could see the clouds in the sky,
It is a secret but I love cookies,

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