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Besties Forever!

by Cassy x Iliana aged 10 (both)

Cassy and Iliana are besties!
And will never fight,
Sorry’s and forgiving will always be accepted,
So that’s us let’s see more?
You are the audience, let us know!

And friends that are close will have

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Impossible Gifts for my Best Friend Alicia

by Sasha aged 10

I would, if I could give you

The speed of a cheetah
A whole family of immortal chipmunks
A football scored by Mbappe during the 2018 world cup
A professional climbing wall in your bedroom

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Hey, Look at Me !

by Sasha aged 10

I’m as bouncy as a kangaroo
I’m as shy as a bunny
I’m as quick as lightning
I’m as hot as lava in an active volcano
I’m as tired as a cat
I’m as fast

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Mini Eggs

by Halimahibrahim aged 7

Mini eggs are yummy
Mini eggs funny
Mini eggs are sometimes
even dotty


by Niamh aged 6

Rainbows arch over the sky
when the rain falls
and the sun is in the sky

My Moon Friend

by Swannya Hailey Herath aged 6

Me and my moon friend.
Hello moon,
Are you HAPPY?
I’m happy too.
I am so happy to see you.
But I don’t see you
some dark nights.
Then I feel sad!

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Iliana And Cassy!

by Iliana aged 10 (We're Childhood Friends BTW)

I liana and Cassy are the best of friends,
L iving without her is more than I can bear,
I ‘m so thankful for her, I feel so lucky,
A nd we have lots of love to

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You Mean the World to Me

by Stella aged 9

You mean the world to me
Nothing will ever come between us
No matter what anybody says or does
You will always be in my heart
Forever and ever
Your spot will never be replaced

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My Teddy Bear

by Eva aged 9

I love my teddy bear
He is friendly just like you are
I feed my teddy bear
I take teddy to lunch
I take teddy to play
I sleep with teddy *yawns*
Oh teddy,

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Silent Scream

by Alisa

Every day I wake up,
I get ready for the day.
But why do I feel so tired?
I just woke up.
Sitting at the table, eating lunch.
Going back to sit on the couch.

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Living Through History (Pandemic)

by Harshita Das

We rarely speak of the elephant in the room
And when we do, we may tell a morbid joke or two
The crowd laughs, to stifle the terror of their doom
All ignoring the tension which diligently

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Muted Appeals

by Fathima Muneer

In the young fields of the wild forest
The mountains breathed with silent sighs
The dew drops dripped like diamonds
Tingling in the silent air.

In that silent land of symphony
The trees seemed to speak

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True Joy

by Mia Matthews aged 11


We looked at the landscape before us,
A blanket of golden flowers,
Surrounded by mountains like the walls of a house,
The cotton wool clouds, atop the snowy peaks.

We look at each other,

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The Forest

by Isolde Piddington aged 10


On lightest day, through darkest night,
The forest is large and glorious.
When trees shall fall, feel my might,
I will be great and victorious!

With emerald eyes, when very pure,
I stretch

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Do I Really Care?

by Rhea Joy aged 11


Nature is beautiful
And I will never believe that
Earth is a wasteland
It is clear
That there are endangered animals on this Earth
Why should I care
For hunters that

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