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Christmas Winners! Well done Jos Priddey, Anopaishe Chakwana, Isabella Gomez, Megan Hall, Noah Lawrence, Iona Mandal and Tazkia. And a big thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you all had a great Christmas. You can check out the winners and all the competition entries as well as previous winning poems by clicking on “poems” and then scrolling down to “Competition Entries”.

Poo Poo Poo! Rude poems can be very funny but be warned – if you send us poems about farts, bottoms or poo they won’t be appearing in the Poetry Zone. So please stop sending us rude poems. 

And do please remember that all the poems you send should be your own original work.

Since 1998 The Poetry Zone has published around 20,000 poems by young people and had millions of visitors – children and teenagers, real live poets and other adults who want to check us out, especially teachers who use the Poetry Zone as a fun way of teaching poetry in their schools. Do spread the word!



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The Spring Competitions

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Latest Poems


by Joe Merridale aged 13

Homework is boring.
Homework is dumb.
I could be snoring.
Oh, homework is dumb.

My Daddy

by Eloise aged 7

My daddy is lovely
he is so sweet
he is the best hugger ever
I love him so much


by Tilly aged 8

Spring smells of new blooming flowers,
It tastes of juicy fruit and veg,
Spring looks like lovely botanic gardens,
Spring is loved!

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from Roger!

Pirate Hat

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