Happy New Year everyone and congratulations to our Poetry Zone Christmas Competition winners. Carys Davies, Charlottei Christiansen, Laila Baines, Lily McKay, Amelia Beddall , Elsie and Samuel. To see the winning poems go to Poems and scroll down to Competition Entries. Meanwhile, do keep writing and sending us poems. We love to read them. Be careful and stay safe.

Since 1998 The Poetry Zone has published around 30,000 poems by young people and has had millions of visitors – children and teenagers, real live poets and other adults – who want to check us out, especially teachers who use the Poetry Zone as a fun way of teaching poetry in their schools.

NOTE TO SCHOOLS SENDING POEMS. I’m very happy for schools to send us poems. But I do edit all poems – in the same way that poems would be edited in a book. This does take time – and so I would ask schools to limit the number of poems sent. If a school sends, say, 30 poems – one from every class member – I may have to choose a selection to appear in the Poetry Zone. Schools may, however, send as many poems as they would like for competitions..

Poo Poo Poo! Rude poems can be very funny but be warned – if you send us poems about farts, bottoms or poo they won’t be appearing in the Poetry Zone. So please stop sending us rude poems. 

And do please remember that all the poems you send should be your own original work.


Here Comes Christmas HURRAH!

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Latest Poems


by Jessie aged 7

I like books
I love poems and riddles
I like big books
and small books
and long books
and short books
I like books

Beautiful Beard

by Harshita Das

As deep as the ocean
As dense as the forests
I look at you, and I feel like looking into the eyes of an abyss
I get lost in the swirls and waves
The spirals which

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Unpredictability of Creatives

by Harshita Das

Unpredictability of creatives
The burden, sometimes, carried with ease
Heavy as the stars, sometimes light as a breeze
Some days each word spoken is great and profound
And others, within the chains of language and ambition

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Latest Interviews


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Roger Stevens

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from Roger!

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