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A Special Day

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Latest Poems

Rhyming Words

by Nikita Sharma aged 10




Too many rhyming words just waiting to be used
There are a million readers waiting to be amused.

A Ladybird

by Pushkar aged 8

Licking leaves
At its house
Dying from being stepped on
Yelling at other ladybirds in their language
Bouncing and flying to leaves, that’s where it lives
It’s yellow or red with black spots

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What the Rainbow Is

by Pushkar aged 8

The rainbow is big and colourful
with lots of colours
that’s how a rainbow works
so please watch the rainbow
because it’s nice and everybody likes it
but some people would not

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Joshua Seigal with book

Joshua Seigal

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James Carter

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from Roger!

What Are We Fighting For?

What Are We Fighting For?

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