What Are We Fighting For? Here are the winners of our war poems competition. The standard of poetry was excellent – and it was very, very difficult choosing the winners. If you won we will be contacting you soon with your prize. Alex Boon, Freddie de Bruyn, Robbie Harris, Katie Hill, Joseph Ward-Langman, Kara Luke and Jess Murphy. Plus a special prize for Cain Spalding. (Click on Poems, then Competition Entries)

Hey, Little Bug. Here are the winners of the Hey, Little Bug competition. Well done everyone who entered. Brontie Bo Matthews, Patrick Melchor, Savannah Crisp and Lorelei Moss. You’ll find the winning poems in First Poems and in Competition Entries.

Since 1998 we’ve published around 20,000 poems by young people and had millions of visitors – children and teenagers, real live poets and other adults who want to check us out, especially teachers who use the Poetry Zone as a fun way of teaching poetry in their schools. We’ve had a great response to our new look, but if you have any ideas on how we can improve let us know.

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Worm poems by Celia Warren.

Have a Word with a Worm

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Latest Poems


by William aged 10

Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean
causing a commotion
because they are so awesome
pretty big and pretty wide
beat that polar bear in a fight
like an underwater unicorn… Read the rest

Lost Book

by Mia Bell aged 9

I lost my book in the class
My friend left twenty minutes ago or so
I saw gum stuck to my desk
In the afternoon I heard a tune coming … Read the rest


by Elijah aged 9

Surprise! Surprise!
I took your eyes
Your glasses fell off and
I won a prize!… Read the rest

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James Carter

James Carter

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Andy Seed

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from Roger!

What Are We Fighting For?

What Are We Fighting For?

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