The winners of the Lost and Found competition are here. We had a fantastic entry with some excellent poems. Click on “Poems” then scroll down to “Competition Entries” to see the winning poems. Winners will each receive a copy of The Penguin in Lost Property by Jan Dean and Roger Stevens. The school prize goes to Whitecrest Primary in Birmingham. They win six copies of School Report by Brian Moses. A big thank you to Macmillan Children’s Books for donating the prizes.

Poo poo poo... Yes, poems with poo and other slighty rude words can be very funny. But if you send us poo poems they won’t be appearing in the Poetry Zone. So please stop sending us rude poems. 

And if you haven’t already done so, check out the winners of the National Poetry Day competition, Worms, War Poems and Hey, Little Bugs competitions. Click on “Poems” and then scroll down to “Competition Entries” to find the winners and best of all the entries. 

Since 1998 The Poetry Zone has published around 20,000 poems by young people and had millions of visitors – children and teenagers, real live poets and other adults who want to check us out, especially teachers who use the Poetry Zone as a fun way of teaching poetry in their schools.Do spread the word!

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Werewolf Club Rules

Something Scary This Way Comes

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Latest Poems

Beauty of Life

by Sharanya Gopakumar aged 8

I stare at the hills, the wood and the lake
So fresh and green, they are there for my sake.
The trees and plants dance with the breeze
I sway … Read the rest


by Osita Kabba

Religion although a notion denoting a sign-post to the unknown begets a safe haven once one has perished. Heaven. To some an obscure ambiguity to others a place of rest … Read the rest

My Pet Horse

by Fazeela Kalam aged 8

I have a pet horse
Her name is Delight
She likes to eat hay
And sleeps day and night… Read the rest

Latest Interviews

Joshua Seigal with book

Joshua Seigal

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James Carter

James Carter

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from Roger!

What Are We Fighting For?

What Are We Fighting For?

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