The B On Your Thumb

The B On Your Thumb by Colette Hiller and Tor Freeman (Frances Lincoln)

Hopefully, all poetry books for children will help youngsters with reading and
spelling, but this one is different. Carefully constructed to make sense of some of
the more confusing and illogical parts of everyday English, it makes learning the
vagaries of our language fun – both for the child and for the teacher, be that in
school or a parent at home.
The vibrant illustrations and the way letters and phrases are highlighted to make
a point clear, go a long way to making this book work. The rhymes make the
lessons easy to remember and the subjects of the poems will click with young
Anyone who wants to help a child to read and write will, I think, find this book
indispensable and one to turn to again and again. It wouldn’t be out of place in
the library of any adult, either, who wants to remind themselves of things they
may have forgotten that they learned at school!

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