Little Light

Little Light by Coral Rumble (Troika)

I like a good verse novel. And this is just that. The format confuses some people – they see a book of poems as something to dip in and out of, not to read as a story. Well, you can turn to any page of this sometimes sad but eventually optimistic tale and find a one-off poem to enjoy. But read it as a complete book and Ava’s challenging world, of changing schools and learning to live with her new siblings and without her dad, comes to life. Rumble paints vivid pictures with her words – landscapes and townscapes, places of light and darker places where you can hide from sorrow or confusion; a scruffy dog who needs someone to love and to trust – rather like Ava. Many a child will take hope and heart from this book; some will learn how life can be hard for others. Everyone who reads it will enjoy Rumble’s ability to say a lot with just a little:

Mum knows my secret

Nana passed it to her

Wrapped in wise words and love


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  • Lilah

    I have this exllent book at home and I dare everybody to get this book and read it whole.

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