Fifty Ways to Score a Goal

50 Ways to Score a Goal and other football poems
(Macmillan Children’s Books)
Brian Bilston

Bravo to Brian! This is a poet who eats, breathes and rhymes football. The game, the fouls, the songs, the fans, the refs (boo! hiss!). The dad you can’t get off your FIFA X-box game. The Magic Sponge (showing your age a bit there, Brian). Another dad is a referee who shows a red card at dinner if you don’t eat your cabbage. What?! Yes, you were denying a coleslawing opportunity”. But the masterpiece of the lot is “The Ballad of Dick, Kerr Ladies FC.” As your granny will tell you, this a true story of the best women’s football team in England who were so successful the men at the F.A. banned them and all women’s teams for more than 50 years. No matter that they had played in front of huge crowds or had toured the USA. When you come on as a sub in the second half of the 2032 Women’s World Cup Final remember who opened the way for you!

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