Saturdays at the Imaginarium

Saturdays At The Imaginarium by Shauna Darling Robertson, Illustrations by Jude Wisdom. (Troika Poetry)

In her poems Shauna Darling Robertson claims to be many things. If you take her at her words, she’s a Real Rebel, a Wild Child and a Polite Rebel. She thinks big ideas and makes little suggestions. But if you ask me the role she really enjoys is sitting on your shoulder and quietly murmuring advice and devices for coping with what the world can throw at you while you’re still growing up. Sometimes she interprets the guidance she gets from a wonderful range of relatives. Grandma, Dad, Big Sis, Big Brother all pop up speaking truths, half-truths and even absolute nonsense. You meet all this and more when you visit that intriguing place, her Imaginarium. The illustrations by Jude Wisdom are lovely too.


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