by Navan Kothari aged 16

spring has its characteristics
the blooming flowers, the magical sky
and the smooth flowing breeze
and summer—the beauty of it all with the
powerful sun with long nights of laughter and joy
and of course lovely autumn with its
majestic colors that bring a new life to the world
we finally have winter—for some a miserable
time full of loneliness and terrors, while for others
there is comfort and love showered with
the views of unimaginable sights
winter brings a new, exciting adventure
from looking up and tasting the flurrying snow
to cuddling up in snuggly blankets with
warm, tasty hot cocoa secured to your side
all the way to the blazing skiing slopes in
shivering Colorado, winter truly hides
the negative of lifeless trees and plants
and shows a glimpse of imagination that
helps us close the year on a positive note
and opens the new year to a life of hope and acceptance

The Poetry Zone

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