Through the Day

by Harshita Das aged 16

Bristles scrub through the gaps in teeth
As the brain slips in and out of conscience thought
Like an indecisive, flickering tube-light
My head has decided to gain weight overnight
Because it’s heavy and throbbing
Then, when my eyes land on the clock
Adrenaline decides to make its dramatic appearance
Because, as usual, the clock is half an hour
Further than it should be
After that plot twist,
Food is shoveled in; and fingers fly over my uniform
Until I’m running through a slammed door
And to a place which can be accurately described as a nightmare

The teacher drones on about cell organelles
Pretty doodles on my notebook don’t make the clock tick faster
Until after a century, the bell rings
And we stagger out the building with all the enthusiasm of an
Imprisoned bird seeing the sky

Time ticks by with another routine
Until I go in a state between life and death
Also known as sleep

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