The Uncaring Nature of Love (and Cats)

by Harshita Das aged 14


My heart is completely consumed
But my myriad affection isn’t mirrored!
Instead of love, she seems merely bemused
At attempts to pat her head or stroke her fur.

Tragic, my first love spurns me so!
She lifts her haughty head in disdain
Reigns her indifference like a physical blow
Is she unaware of the pain she causes me again and again?

Her majesty is curled comfortably on the bed today
I lie on the floor, deeply resigned to my fate
She wakes and yawns and looks around, whiskers in disarray
Meows and frowns at lack of food; I’m late

I go to the kitchen, and throw her fried fishes
She pounces and purrs, caressing the carcass with careful cruelty
I look onwards with envy, at all attention she lavishes
How low love lets me sink; jealous of a dead fish eaten crudely

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