The Clash of Two Worlds

by Saira Dua aged 14

As I step foot into my school, I feel like I am in a new world
A world with overflowing beaming golden coins, into one I got hurled
I observe my ‘friends’ arriving in a polished sports car
The gleaming finish on the car screams to me that I will always be bizarre

A student’s judgmental eyes lay on my tattered clothes telling me to go back home
Nonetheless, the only home I am aware of is a hut with wooden sticks that act as a dome
I try to relish that I was sent to a school
However, the gratefulness is washed away when the stares at my worn-out shoes become cruel

They squander in abundance and wealth
Whilst my mouth barely grasps around delectable goods that give me strength
Why am I doubled with tension and pain while everybody is at their best
Will I never find a place to rest?

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