Swimming to the Shore

by Fathima Valliyangal aged 16

Hate, Misogyny, Discrimination,
Racism, Casteism,
Murders and Crimes,
Highlights media, newspapers, and articles,
Summing up to the term “Hopeless Humanity”

I mindlessly watched as arrows slaughtered their rights and lives,
And I knew I could not make a difference,
For the 8 billion,
So I sat silent and watched,
As tears streamed down from my hopeless eyes.

I couldn’t light up this dark tunnel,
And slid down, hopeless,
I sank into the darkness, giving myself away.
Afraid to stand up.

I was hopeful at first, lost my grip to the end
I was motivated once, then put down by many
I waited, hoping for a miracle
To change this hopeless humanity

I heard voices as I kept sinking,
Voices of the buried:
“Raise your voice, As we did once
Don’t let their words bury you
Let them spur you to stand up and fight back”

And so I swam to the shore,
Lit up the darkness with the little hope I had left,
Ready to rise and stand up,
Not alone, but together with many injured yet hopeful others,
Ready to change hopeless humanity.

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