by Ella Alitalab aged 10

When I wake up to sunny days,
I get up and stretch, then get out of my PJs,
Then I pack my bag and go to school,
Cause if I don’t I’ll grow up to be a fool.

When I’m there I take a seat,
I learn new stuff then I go and eat,
When I’m done eating I do a test,
When I get the paper I try my best.

Then it’s play time and I go outside,
I go and see my friend so I say “hi”,
I walk into the class thinking I passed,
I run up to the paper and I run fast.

I looked at my paper and I see I got a C+
That’s not bad but I have to leave now for the bus,
When I reach home I take a shower,
Then I go and play some games, like built a tower.


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  • Roger Stevens

    You’re Emperor poem is already up. Scroll down and you’ll find it.

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