Nature’s Symphony

by Lily McKay aged 9


The animals look to the stars in the sky
Arranged as musical notes in the air
The pie wagtail flies down to start the show
His tail conducting with care

The woodpecker starts with the heartbeat of the forest
And sets the drum rhythm for all
Horses add to the beat with their clippety clop
Other animals prepare for their ball

Time for the duet of the Nightingale and the Lark
They hit the sweet silver notes of the flute and the piccolo
The wolf follows with his high pitched howl
Icicles in the Arctic clink together for the piano

The elephant raises her trunk to the sky
And blows on her big loud trombone
The Lion king roars as the big base drum
Triumphantly as he sits on his throne

The Lorikeets somersault high in the air
While the ponies all dance in a row
Waves crash to the shore as cymbals colliding
And Aurora puts on her spectacular light show

Finally the curtains are drawn
As darkness descends on the sky as a dark black cloak
Then the lights go on as the sun rises up
And the show is finished – all up in smoke

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