My Brother – a Tragic Love Story

by Charlottei aged 11

my brother is kind
my brother is nice
my brother really enjoys
banana and rice

my brother can be weird
and this is why
he’s in love with a balloon
that flies up in the sky

four years ago he
saw a balloon up above
and just like that
he fell in love

the balloon passed everyday
and every time he waved
my brother had turned a leaf
a new path had been paved

the balloon was pink and green
stripy with some spots
the background was lime green
with baby pink little dots

one day the balloon
met another in the clouds
my brothers heart broke
he was lost in the crowds

having a broken heart
my brother almost died
later his balloon burst
and he cried and cried

dear brother I am sorry
as you cry and look up at the moon
but rather than crying
just find a new balloon

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