My Birthday (8th April)

by Harshita Das aged 14

For me was an auspicious date
With pomp and show my parents had to celebrate
With God’s grace one takes birth
My birthday it was, the day I came on Earth
True happiness I wanted to find
I had an idea in mind
Bowing before almighty, I wrote on a page
This birthday let us visit an orphanage
There are children with no families
We must help them I request please
Reaching the place with lots of ice cream, sweets and toys
We find many innocent girls and boys
With a big smile they welcomed
How pleasant they are I hummed
Afternoon it was with a bright shiny sun
Distributing things among children was great fun
They conveyed their thanks and warm wishes
Next birthday I would treat them with nice dishes
You will gain happiness, there will be no loss
Be sympathetic and work for noble cause
Till date me and my parents say for us
It was indeed a very special day
Thank you

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