I Can’t Let Go

by Harriet-Renee Smedley aged 10

I’m so so so sorry I can’t let go,
Every time I try my brain just says no,
I’ve tried to stop holding on from my head to my toe
Because you’re the flint and I’m the steel
Because your heart is the only thing I’m willing to steal.
It is not fake love this is so real
When your gone pain is all I feel
If you’re on one side and I’m on the other
If this cracks apart, my heart will too,
I won’t let go not because I don’t want to
It’s because I can’t
And if i do let go my time here is done
I hope you have fun,
I’ve realised what I’ve done
I can’t go back now
and if I could I don’t know how
Even if I did I’ve already let go.

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