How Others View Life

by Elsie King aged 16

Do you ever wonder how others view life?
Do they see the beauty in every flower they pass?
Or savour the warmth of the sun and the scent of the grass?
Do they smile at each and every person they meet?
Or do they stare at the ground and scowl at their feet?
If it begins to rain and the sun still shines, do they look up to the sky
In hopes of seeing a rainbow pass by?

Would they care if it rains and their clothes get soaked?
Or would they skip and dance with no umbrella or a coat?
Would they race through a field without a worry on their mind?
Could they live their life without fear of losing time?
Would they spend hours reading books in a fictional world?
Could they listen to endless music, their brain in a whirl?

Would they talk to their friends all through the night?
If something was up, if something wasn’t right?
Would they stay up late and wait for the dark?
Just to step outside and gaze at the stars?
Would they chase the sun until it goes down?
Or would they stay at home, lounging around?

Could they run to the woods and live off the land?
Would they drive to the beach, bury their toes in the sand?
Could they jump in a van and travel the world
With no clue where they’re headed, just letting fate take control?
Would they take their time creating a piece of art?
Or would they spend forever deciding where to start?

Do you ever wonder how others view life?

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