A Faithful Encounter

by Chamalka aged 14

On a certain cold
And rainy day
In the streets of far, far away
On the sidewalk
There was a baby bear
People passed by
And didn’t even care
He kept crying on and on
They all ignored him
And just moved on

His paw was bleeding,
Not a person would help
He was lonely and damp
Dread was all he felt

But suddenly
In the Bear’s despair
Appeared a little girl
With a face so fair,
Lifted the bear
And took him home,
Now he was no longer
Forever alone
She bathed him and fed him
And gave him a hug,
Gave him a kiss
While he slept on the rug

The girl’s unconditional love and care
Reminded the cub of mother bear
His paw now healed and so was his heart
The bear was now supposed to depart

But the bear and girl
Were now best friends
Their love for each other
Had no end,
In a world that once
Seemed so cold,
The baby bear now
Had a love to hold
In this tale that started
From a dirty rain-soaked place
Now ends with a bond
of warmth, love and grace

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