Lost Magic

Lost Magic. The Very Best of Brian Moses.

Lost Magic, the Very Best of Brian Moses, Macmillan Children’s Books

I don’t think Brian Moses has ever really grown up! I don’t mean he’s silly or childish, but that he’s just so in touch with childhood. This lovely new hardback includes more than 100 of his poems – his favourites – and illustrates why his work has been loved and respected for nearly 30 years. He pulls no punches. And children appreciate that honesty. He acknowledges that life as a child can be tough, it can be sad. He evokes his own youth. He writes about the horrors of war. But he also opens doors to a magical world where anything is possible; where you can hold a star in your hand or find a place where you can let your imagination run riot, where unicorns play and where cats and dragons become one. Many of these poems are obviously written to be read aloud – the author says in his introduction that he uses percussion when he performs his work.
This is a book to be read over and over again.

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