A Hurricane In My Head

A Hurricane In My Head (Bloomsbury) by Matt Abbott

At the end of this book is a section entitled Get Writing. Encouraging children to create their own poems, it says there is one golden rule to follow: Show don’t tell – “If a poem sounds like a newspaper article or a police report … there’s really no point in calling it poetry.” Then the author imparts a ‘very important secret about poetry’, revealing that it is a ‘super-power’ because:

Poetry is when you paint pictures
by putting music into words.

Poetry is when you can take a feeling from your head
and make it appear in a complete stranger’s.

Poetry is when you describe normal things
in a way that nobody else has ever done.

Poetry is all about creating a moment.
And most of all, it’s about having fun.

In which case, Matt Abbott is a very competent poet. He practises what he preaches, so, let his words be this review. A very good collection. I really like it. Illustrated by Nigel Baines.


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