Firecrackers by Zaro Weil (ZaZaKids Books in association with Troika)

It’s difficult to pinpoint who will most enjoy this book – the child or the parent. Because while it will undoubtedly delight the younger reader, it is also chock-full of poems and stories that will appeal to the child in many of us. There are poems short and long and very long. There are stories – some new and some old. And they are all beautifully illustrated by Jo Riddell, whose drawings prove that there is more than one talented artist in her household. The poems here are nearly all personal and sometimes quite profound. Many are simple and sweet, others contain ideas that will be a trifle complex for very young children and some will even challenge older juniors. But I’m a great believer in giving children something to aim for by allowing them access to new concepts and complicated language. It’s great to see a proper, large, quality hardback book devoted to children’s poetry. This one contains a wealth of words for them to peruse. I predict that for many, Firecrackers will be a book to treasure.

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