The Shape on the Beach

by Cameron Gibson McIver aged 13

This poem is a Diptych to The Eyes of Insanity
by Joseph Benoit Hubbard

I go to the beach, on a beautiful day,
I’d be there all noon, to have fun and play.
But halfway through play, my curiosity peaks,
And I wander around, to squish thing with my feet.

First the sand, grainy and white,
I stuck in my feet, and squished with all my might.
Sandhoppers popped out,
And gave me a fright.

Next was the seaweed, wet and green,
I slipped while squishing, and bruised my spleen.
A crab submerged, scurried around,
And fled back to his sea-plant home, where he was found.

After the slip, I was wary,
To squish the soft sand patch, of which there were many.
I lowered my foot in, prepared for the worst,
It sunk two feet in, making sand bubbles burst.

All of a sudden, I saw a shape,
Laying on the shore, it made my vision sway.
I cried out for help, but no sound escaped,
For the shape on the beach, had sealed my fate.

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