The End of a Not-really Friend

by Harshita Das aged 14

my friendship feels flimsy
held together by easily breakable string
friendship without conflict, it doesn’t feel real
so, the strings – they sting, they sting
we never have real discussions
only small talk about frivolous things
which feel meaningless in this world
of individuality, to which we cling
general conversations, we avoid our problems like a plague
makes me wonder what this friendship even brings
we don’t talk about how her face darkens
when she gazes at my fingers, my sweetheart’s ring
we don’t talk about my clenched fists
songs of lies and smiles and manipulation we sing

we never talk

yet, despite this, I like her, really, I do
I laugh at her deadpan humor
even if we’ve never had a real conversation to date,
I like her, really, I wish to be her friend
but our string is flimsy and straining
and I worry, one day we will stop our texts
and years and years will pass
bringing an inevitable end to a not-really friend…

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