by Aditi Jain aged 13

Sad emotions moist eyes
Coz missing a person who is my life
My fighting partner who is a gangster
My crime partner that back bencher
My bench partner that snatcher
Who stole my things much faster
From holding hands in the ground
To punching a face in the crowd
Dreaming together looking at the clouds
And then proudly laughing out loud
The shoulder I used to sleep on
Is now what I am craving for
Coz unfortunately she is on her way
But for which I have to walk a thousand miles
That eye contact and smiles
Those epic jokes in my mind
Those bunking places we used to find
We were so lit & kind
My biggest support indeed
She is the purest soul whom i still believe
And a list of haters lead
Who don’t understand our insanity
People say we were slayers
And the attitude is still famous
She is still my best friend, my everything
Yes you heard right, my everything
Its lame but she’s still stunning
The reason for my smiling

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