Rivers of Wildlife

by Xindi Huang aged 11

Wildlife is a river,
Flowing hard with waves,
Bright with exposure,
Avoiding all caves.
Can you hear those roars?
Or maybe they are calls,
Or maybe they are whimpers –
Touch them with your souls.
They live in greater peace
Than we humans do
Fine, look at their teeth,
But isn’t that survival?
Why can’t you understand
Why can’t you care
The lack of greed they have
Is something we can’t bear
They are animals, they say,
Look at them: so uncivilised!
And yet they still:
Show us why we are here-
Show us what we are missing-
They show us what we are.
Wildlife cannot speak
So we shall do it for them.
We shall shout it!
Scream it!
Show me why we are here…

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