Do I Really Care?

by Rhea Joy aged 11


Nature is beautiful
And I will never believe that
Earth is a wasteland
It is clear
That there are endangered animals on this Earth
Why should I care
For hunters that kill for nothing
I am expressing myself
Stop the violence
Let them die
Trees are cut down
Plants are uprooted
Help them
Watch birds fly away from home
Make a difference to the world
It would not be wise to
dispose off garbage in our oceans
Prevent innocent lives from being captured
Consider yourself weak if you
Pollute the air that we all breathe
Care about the Earth the way it cares for you
It’s a lie that you should
Throw garbage everywhere you go
You should make the Earth a better place
And never say
Nature is horrible

(Now read the poem backwards to get the reality of the way nature is being treated by humans in this world)

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