The Random Poem

by Sam Harrison aged 9

Hello, I’m Sam,
I like ham.

My sister is called Chloe,
Also, my birthday can be snowy

Every day I watch YouTube,
And I play with my Rubix cube.

Once it’s sunny,
I can go outside to be funny.

My dad is tall,
And he likes football.

We have flowers,
And it makes me think of powers.

In summer there are leaves on the trees ,
Also by the flowers there are lots of bees.

Chloe is doing Sats,
But she doesn’t like cats.

I like cats,
And I’m excited for Sats.

While I’m writing I’m on my skateboard,
Sometimes at the weekend I get pretty bored.

I don’t like hights,
Or bites.

There are lots of different pools,
And there can be pools at schools.

Finally, my dad can mend,
But sadly that’s the end.

8 Responses to “The Random Poem”

  • Diana Wimbs

    I love this poem and Sam’s clever use of rhyming couplets. My particular favourites are ‘trees and bees’ and ‘sunny and funny’, perfect matches for each other. Well done Sam!

  • Emily

    hey Sam! this poem is incredible! I love the rhyme and the title! especially the youtube and rubix cube part!

  • Kitty

    That’s such a sweet poem, love how you include your sister so much

  • leena

    well done Sam, thats the best poem ive ever read in my whole life.

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