What Should My Poem Be About?

by Levi aged 8

What should my poem be about?
I dunno!
How about DINOSAURS!
Actually, no!
How about ghosts haunting your house?
How about giants, or how about a mouse?
How about playing on a lovely snowy day?
Or going to the theatre to see a funny play!
Dancing in the living room, listening to The Clash,
Or sitting in the kitchen, eating sausages and mash!
How about Mr. Banana Skin, people stepping on him!
Or, how about somebody going to the gym?
Or, how about…. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
That’s what this poem’s all about,
Everything and more!

The End! Now, it’s time for bed!

11 Responses to “What Should My Poem Be About?”

  • Roger Stevens

    Hi Levi. Well, I would remove the last line. Which isn’t really about the poem. Then I would find a rhyme, one that made sense, to finish the poem. Other than that I think it’s fine. If you send in a new version then that will go up. You could put “version two on it.” Mainly though, I’d get on with writing a new poem. Good luck!

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