My Incredible World of the Imagination

by Shifa Asif aged 9

A small fish in the deep blue sea, the dotty nose,
Red, yellow, white, with fine dark spots,

A huge candy in a fancy dress, icy cold eyes,
A gentle smile and, snowflakes in the background

Awesome wings and a pink rose in the middle,
Hanging in my hair,

A piece of pink meat, like a triangular prism,
Pink, purple, and yellow inside,

Attached with the yellow long string,
A purple cover swinging on my shoulder,

Pointy yellow edges on a pink surface,
Irons my hair,

A greenery of knowledge, with a bed of ants,
A pink brick, checks my mistakes with black ink spilt on it,

I notice all the expressions of faces,
I feel their feelings,

Tiny words with big circles for balancing,
The bus rides through the streets,

A green soft soap without bubbles,
Cleans my body and my mind,

My vast imagination, and my small world of erasers.

2 Responses to “My Incredible World of the Imagination”

  • Roger Stevens

    A lovely poem. It didn’t have the puzzling element to win the competition. But I really like it. Well done.

    • Shifa Asif

      Thank you 😊 these were my erasers in different colours and shapes.

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