The Forest

by Isolde Piddington aged 10


On lightest day, through darkest night,
The forest is large and glorious.
When trees shall fall, feel my might,
I will be great and victorious!

With emerald eyes, when very pure,
I stretch my wings in flight.
Though rubies may form, when it’s time to lure,
You all shall see the light.

You’ll feel the breeze, then face the mountains,
Where the sun is beginning to grow.
Just wait there, beside the fountain,
Then you will see me glow.

No darkness will escape my hold,
Never evil in sight.
To all who are kind and pure, Behold!
And feel my beauty and light!

My symbol is the willow,
Harnesser of breeze.
My name is Willow,
Guardian of the trees.

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