by Harshita Das aged 11

A dark dense part of Mother Earth
With dark green trees and green shades

At night it’s frightening and inky
And insects crawl around
Animals roam the forest
A dangerous time to be
Wolves and their piercing howls
Lions and their roar
The shriek of agony from their victims
Hoots from the owl
Creepy shades and trees bent low
Trying to tell a secret
Looking into the sinister forest
You know it is time to leave

At day it is almost merry
The trees high up in the sky again
Sunlight trying to get past branches
And brown, fallen leaves
Honey on the bark of trees
The squirrels are playing and dancing
The rabbits out of their burrows
The grass again
In its merry shade of green
Swaying happily
With the wind
The snoring noises of the owl
And the change is surprising
To see

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