The Flaming Fire

by Harshita Das aged 11

Back to the first Christmas night
With baby Jesus in his cradle
The harsh breeze blowing away
The falling snow covers the ground
As the fires of the fireplace
Struggle to stay ignited
The sparkle of their flicker
Slowly fading away
Worried about the infant
Worried about the cold
Amidst the freezing night
Mother Mary calls for help
Nearby animals come passing by
But none offer their assistance
Then she hears flapping wings
For a bird has heard her pleas
A robin stands alone
Sustaining the fire
By flapping its wings
The dying fire starts to roar
For its blaze just came to life
And dry sticks the robin throws
To keep the child warm
Throughout the night
And none can help mistakes
For once it goes too close
The merciless fire burns its breast
The robin keeps going
Unfazed by the burn
And when the act is done
Expressing her gratitude
Mother Mary says
“You will live eternally
Not in your body, but for the kind act
That you have done today.
May your legend and kindness be passed down
From generation to generation.”

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