Finally Together!

by Year 1 aged 5 - 6

We spent so much of our time at home,
Sometimes it was boring, we felt all alone.

We woke up in the morning and exercised with Joe,
We did it with our family, but they were slow.

Our teacher rang us on the phone to see if we were OK,
We loved speaking to our teacher, we wish we could have done every day.

We missed our class so much, we couldn’t wait to see them,
We was so ready to go, we bought new pencils and a new pen.

On the first day back, we felt nervous and unsure,
However, we soon felt happy when we walked through school’s door.

We had our own desk, we had our worksheets too,
We took part in lots of fun lessons, many things to do!

We are super happy to be back as a team,
So happy we want to SCREAM!

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