Feelings of the Sun

by Katherine aged 12

I walk on a road
of isolation.
It felt like I was cooked
alive. The time ticks
as I rot.

Sweat dripping in a pool
colliding with the stream
of tears.
A waterfall running
like a marathon.

But the second it spills…
it’s steam.
All I see is heat.
But from what?

I look up to my eyes
meeting with the devil.
I look away with agony.
The Sun’s ray leaves
A brief burning cessation
on the flowers in my eyes.

I go on and on
with my endless journey.
I sing for help as I melt.
I curse the Sun
for its explosions
and fire that creates
a beast bringing its anger
down on humans.
I stop in mid-track.
The small wind whines

Anger. What if the Sun
is just angry
at us humans?
What for?

What if it’s angry
because of our criticism?
The Sun gives light.
Helps crops grow.
Gives vitamins
to keep healthy.

What do we give back?
Nothing but complaints.
“It’s too hot.”
All of our judgment
turned the Sun into
a demon, the devil.

The Sun does not blind.
Our selfish need
of satisfaction blinds.
We’ve been caught
in a diversion.
Not seeing the rotting
bird trapped in its cage.

I stand there realising
our mistakes.
We say we curse
the Sun.
I fall on my knees.
Then on my stomach.
I fall in a hole of darkness.

The Sun is the one that curses.

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