El Caminante

by Khadijah Hussain aged 12

Graceful birds fly synchronised in the azure sky above,
A large brass bell indicates the visitor’s arrival,
An unrecognisable shadow embarks into the town,
He earns his wealth with respect as he enters.

Every second, countless number of people joined the crowd,
Pictures were taken of the handsome celebrity as he flexed his muscles.
Click, flash, click, flash, click, flash
They treated him like a king.

Placing her hand on his forehead, the prioress recited the prayer,
He climbed the lofty ladder,
Off he went to face his fears,
Will he reach the end safely?

He placed his right foot on the rigid rope
All of a sudden the rope felt like slippery soap.
He dropped his stick!
How would he reach the end now?
He stayed relaxed.

Unexpectedly, he reached the end safely,
The crowd thundered with excitement.
Off he went to accomplish his next task.

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