In My Dreams

by Skye Keyser aged 8

In my dreams I’m far away,
having a new adventure every day.
I see monsters riding trains,
while flying in my white and blue aeroplane.
I find myself being chased by gummy bears,
while trying to catch chocolate hares.
Where big watermelons are growing,
while the sailors keep on rowing.
Candy cane trees reach up in the sky,
while pretty birds fly very high.
You’ll breathe in a sweet taste,
when running a tiring race.
In my dreams we have the best school,
and now I must say school
is actually quite cool.
In science lessons we do gross stuff,
and once we experimented
with rotten marshmallow fluff.
In my dreams we name our huge mansions,
and my grandma and grandpa is called the gransion.
In the hall we have a disco every night
and once the balloon popping
gave me such a fright.
There are lovely places to go,
there are lovely places to live,
and every single person has love to give.
I am the hero every day,
once I saved someone from getting hit
by a piece of clay.
Then when I wake up I find it was all a dream,
with a mystical and magical wonderland
as it’s theme.
My dream has gone, my dream was fun,
tomorrow there’ll be another one.

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