by Harshita Das aged 11

I look at a beagle
It stares at me
A playful gleam
In its eyes
Which are black
Cute and fuzzy
Looking at strangers
As if calling them
For a warm hug

I look at a doberman pinscher
It stands dignified
Its skin has a black shine
Loyal and obedient
Ferocious and independent
Aggressive to anyone
Hurting his master
Its eyes shine
As it sees its friend

I look at a pug
Big black snout
And cute little eyes
It holds its tongue
Tugging at my skirt
Circling around me
Snuggling on to my lap
As it slowly drifts
Off to sleep

I look at a great dane
As tall as an elephant
Powerful and strong
It looks back at me
And grins
Taller than me
With white fur
And black blotches

Each one unique
In its own way
So different
From each another
Yet they’re all loved
For their traits
Everything is unique
And everything should be loved

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