On Another Planet

by Kyle Butler aged 8

When I was just three
My mum said to me
Hey Kyle, come and tell me
What you want be.
Me ?? Me?
A spaceman I’ll be
I’ll fly up to the sky
It’s ever so high,
In a hot air balloon
I can sleep on the moon
Come back on a rocket
With stars in my pocket.
Don’t worry, Mum
I’ll be home soon

3 Responses to “On Another Planet”

  • Debi morgan

    I’m kyles mum and can honestly say I was thrilled to bits with this I simply gave him a block of word rhyming words for a space project and he wasn’t over keen on completing this project so knowing what he is good at I thought maybe this be a good way to kickstart it and what he managed to produce blew me away I’d like to hear some feedback on this I must add I only wish his handwriting was even half as good as his poetry haha

  • Debi morgan

    Thanks to Miss Finnegan for her excellent teaching which is reflected here !!

  • Korea morgan

    Just want to say how impressed I’m with this poem, kyle has gone above and beyond on this project, enjoyed it immensely

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