All Alone

by Kian Hartley aged 13

My life is not worth living anymore
I have no-one
The cold damp night is closing in on me yet again, like a dark blanket of infinite sadness.
Here I am, cold and alone, my stomach is hurting with the hunger pangs,
but I have nowhere warm or a safe place left to go.

What can I do?
No one will help me!
No money, nothing in the world to call my own, no way out of this mess.
Here I am in the darkness, trying to get warm.
Crying, the salty tears running down my cold dirty cheeks,
trying to think of something, anything I can do.
But there’s nothing, I am all alone.

What have I done to deserve this?
Why me? Why am I so unlucky that I can’t even have a normal life?
All I want is to find someone to love me, a family and a place to call home.
Is this how my life will end?
Alone, cold and hungry, but…
no one cares

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