by Prisha aged 12

Oh Africa, how beautiful you are
What generosity and beauty you have
all from a small part of the land
But why don’t people appreciate your beauty
why always the flaws?
why not the positives?
why only negatives?
Is it because you are still not completely developed?
Is it because most of the population is black?
Or is because people think that there are wild animals roaming all around the places?
Why don’t people appreciate you?

The real Africa is the one they never show.
The real one is hidden beneath all the poverty and death
but that is not what it has
It has more
The memories that you have made
the wonderful animals running all around in the wild,
the cold and soft breeze running though face,
the beauty of sunsets, Sunrise and silhouette.

Africa has all the beauty you can ever see
sooner or later you will be one of the most loved Continent of all
You are the most special Continent of all
and one day people will love to come and visit you every single day.


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