Fateful Moments

by Daisy Tinsley

She lay on her bed,
Heartbroken and dead,
Crushed and smeared in a crumbling bed,
Sad and small she let her tears fall,
Fateful moments are something to be shared,
They take your soul,
Your heart too,
Why trust them, when they don’t trust you?
You run your moment, but then it ends,
Fateful moments why do you end?

Mystery in the Night

by Nashrah Tanvir

I slept in my bed fast asleep,
I never heard even a peep.
A break of silence occurred
And from darkness a shadow emerged.
Then the hand and the fingers,
“At the mid-night hour what is this behaviour?”
Is it a ghost or zombie?
Came to eat me.”
So I prayed, “Save me, Almighty.”
I trembled and covered my lap,
From the window I heard tap, tap, tap!
I went to the window and sighed with relief,
The mystery in the night was only a tree and its leaf.

Loneliness is a Friend

by Nashrah Tanvir

Loneliness and I are old good friends
Visiting my place daily,
In a dreamy way my existence wends,
Brings a wine container for my heart,
Vanquishing the world’s poison.
I climbed down the perilous peak,
Made me ink in my diary with affection,
Obliterating every “bleak”.
Loneliness made a deal
To heal imagination in every feel,
As an isolated star
Capable of lilting the sky.
Solitary is the best friend,
That wrongly seems the end.
Best are the feelings concealed,
Living in my own reel.

A Bird Without Wings

by Aditi Vishwanath

Ah! what a bliss, to have elegant wings,
with a lush of brightness, making it perfect for swings.

But pity on my wrenching soul, having no freedom to fly,
enclosed in a cage, dreaming,
an elated flight in the boundless sky.

It’s no more than a mere waste,
unable to flaunt the elegance,
unable to sing and dance merrily
in the open sky without surveillance.

Multiple attempts to get escaped
just proved to be futile.
My master asks me, “What do you want, oh li’l bird?
How can I say, My master? I want for nothing,
but just a little freedom, to fly like every other merry bird.

Time Travel

by Ben Courfield

If you were to go back in time
and change something
and then came back to the present
nothing would of happened
because the you in the past
would have already changed it.


by Ben Courfield

What are feelings?
Feelings are the things that make you happy,
Feelings are the things that make you sad
but feelings are also the things
that make you envious, greedy and angry
What are feelings?

What Makes You Happy?

by Ben Courfield

What makes you happy?
You, no one else but you
What makes you happy?
Is it a sunny day with pollen in the air?
Is it a happy little pond in a big open field?
or is it the feeling of being so close to your family
that you know you can’t get any closer?

I Love My Brother

by Jasmine

My brother is sometimes serious
My brother is mysterious

Over all the bickering
His eyes are usually flickering

With his blue bell eyes
I wonder who he really is
beneath that sweet disguise


by Ben Courfield

Why, both question and answer
Why, a mystery but yet a clue
Why, past and present
Why, to be known but to be alone

Colours in Life

by Aditi Vishwanath

That petty fight with my friend,
and the bickering with my family,
that annoyance which lasts for a while,
when recalled in isolation,
gives birth to my lost smile.

On the arrival of festivities,
the exuberance to celebrate,
the high festive spirit of parties,
when recalled in isolation,
gives birth to my vanished liveliness.

A thumping heart and a mike in one hand,
a sweaty hand and the audience,
the confidence in the delivered speech,
when recalled in isolation,
gives birth to my lost confidence.

A week or so free from all stress,
by a holiday at the beach, hilltop or desert,
with a soothing environment,
relieves all my pains and worries,
and I discover the bliss of life.

Recalling all the colours,
from my beginning to the present,
what I realize is that life’s colourful,
it doesn’t matter if the existing colour
is light, or dark.