Love and Lies

by Bara

God made Adam and Eve from dust,
So we tend to make love from lust.
I hope that our love won’t rust
But will always be based on trust.

People always tend to base their love on money,
Not knowing that money is the root cause of trouble,
You can’t find true joy and happiness from the world,
We can all get to the point of our dreams through hardwork.


by Fathima

See the deep oceans
Observe their wavy motion
Oh, how wonderful they are

Swaying and swaying
How wonderful is nature
Bees and butterflies,
Birds and insects
Flutter around flowers
Spreading happiness
And singing with joy

Nature is endless
It has no boundaries
It has high mountains
Colourful flowers
Wonderful animals
And so many types of birds

Have you seen the rain?
The falling snow
And beautiful waterfalls?
If you are depressed or sad
Just go and explore nature
Enjoy its beauty
And you’ll feel better


Life of an Orphan

by Fathima

I look outside and see
so many joyful children
who go to school
with a smile on their face
and with plaited hair.

But I have no one
I am all alone
crying with an empty stomach.
Everyone around me is so happy
but not me…

If you think the world
is full of joyful people
then you are wrong
You are absolutely wrong

I wish I could go to school
with a bag on my back.
I wish to read books.
I, too, wish to have fun
with my friends

I, too, want to wear uniforms
and have toys to play with.
I wish to have a magnificent house.
But my dreams never come true.
Never, ever in my life.

I want to taste cakes and sweets.
I hate living in a slum.
If everyone is equal
why not me?
Why can’t you spare a coin for me?
Why am I not equal?


Happy Life

by Fathima

Wake up with a smile
And fill your soul
With positivity and good thoughts.
Raise your self-esteem,
Let good thoughts spread within you,
Let your heart free
And give yourself a spree.

Make yourself happy throughout,
Brighten your face with a smile,
Whether you are dull or sad,
Give out a smile,
And it will brighten you.

Happiness and positivity
Is indeed magic
That comes from your heart
And from your mind.

Never let yourself down,
Give yourself a pat,
And though if you fail,
Or are being mocked,
Just say these verses,
And you will feel a spirit,
Supporting you.

Good Friends,
Happiness and Positivity,
Good Thoughts and Meditation,
A Smile and a Wink.
Good Books and Relaxation,
Strong Mind,
Are the ingredients,
For a Happy Life.

Read good books,
Sleep with a smile,
Then you’ll dream good things
And wake up with a smile.

A Lady Like No Other

by Ishaan Singh Sarna

You are the concealed
that helps us cross
the broken bridge;
You are the concealed chalk
that fills our black lives
full of white.
Your warm, cozy arms –
the palliative spot for a
wounded soul.
You are the sunlight blending
through the curtains
lighting up our lives.
You are the fresh lotus that
fills our flavourless lives
with essence.

To decipher you,
is problematic;
how does your instinct
decipher us?

You are a blessing,
only a few are blessed with.
You are the life that leads me
through the dark tunnel
of life.

You are a lady: like no other.
You are my everything.
You are MOM!


by Baraka Adaodat Juliette

A four letter word:
That holds a whole part of me.

Some say it’s an obsession
Others claim it’s a feeling,
But to me
It’s a mutual feeling between people .

Though it might seem wrong,
I do believe and live in it,
A connection, a generation all bonding on this 4 letter word.

You came in my life
Created the greatest and most awesome impact
At some point you taught me the importance of Love.

I surely thank the heavens for having you in my life.


by Sejr

S is for Steady, a loyal pal
E is for Enriching, bettering others
J is for Joyful, always looking on the bright side
R is for Real, authentic in character


by Adrian

A is for Artistic, full of creativity
D is for Decisive, capable of bold actions
R is for Reliable, a buddy you can count on
I is for Inspirational, the ability to motivate
A is for Analytical, solving problems with logic
N is for Nice, a sweet soul

Teacher, Teacher

by A Jeevan Kirthic

Teacher, teacher
If you can’t find Sue…


by Aditi Jain

Sad emotions moist eyes
Coz missing a person who is my life
My fighting partner who is a gangster
My crime partner that back bencher
My bench partner that snatcher
Who stole my things much faster
From holding hands in the ground
To punching a face in the crowd
Dreaming together looking at the clouds
And then proudly laughing out loud
The shoulder I used to sleep on
Is now what I am craving for
Coz unfortunately she is on her way
But for which I have to walk a thousand miles
That eye contact and smiles
Those epic jokes in my mind
Those bunking places we used to find
We were so lit & kind
My biggest support indeed
She is the purest soul whom i still believe
And a list of haters lead
Who don’t understand our insanity
People say we were slayers
And the attitude is still famous
She is still my best friend, my everything
Yes you heard right, my everything
Its lame but she’s still stunning
The reason for my smiling