Say It With a Poem

Here in the UK we are looking forward to National Poetry Day on 6th October. This year it’s all about messages. So, simply write a poem on the theme of messages. The message could be from you to someone that you love, to a friend or to a member of your family. It could be to a politician or to someone famous. You might like to imagine a message that someone else might want to send. NPD logoThe message could be a joyful one, telling someone that they have done well, or it could be a message saying sorry. It might be a message to the world asking for more tolerance, or from a place, such as the sea or a forest, asking people not to spoil the environment. And remember that messages can be sent in many different ways – by text, by email, in a letter, as smoke signals or semaphore. Have fun with the theme. Your poem can be any length, serious or sad or funny.

It's Not My Fault PZ cover copyIt’s Not My Fault by Roger Stevens and Steven Withrow (Bloomsbury)

“It wasn’t me-or was it He, my evil, evil, evil twin? I didn’t mean to be so mean. There goes my evil twin again.” Join poets Roger Stevens and Steven Withrow for this magical mixture of poems. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious there’s something here for everyone. Just remember though – whatever happens… it’s not my fault!

We have six copies to give as prizes. Winners will also receive a goody bag of National Poetry Day badges and stickers.

Topsy Turvy Animals by Wes Magee and Tracey Tucker (QED)Topsyturvy

There’s bags and bags of topsy-turvy fun in this book of amazing, amusing and sometimes very silly rhymes. Step inside and let your imagination go wild! Full of crazy and curious scenes to spot and discover.

We have three copies of this fabulous book to give as prizes. If you are aged 6 or under you could win this book for your classroom.

Write your poem in the competition box below. And make sure you include your email address so that we can contact you if you win. You don’t have to be come from the UK to enter but poems must be in English. And you must be aged between 3 and 18 years old to enter. Poems MUST be your own work.

All the poems entered will be shown in The Poetry Zone as they come in. The winners will be announced early in November. The competition closes on October 22nd, 2016.  Good luck!

To find out more about National Poetry Day and for lots of fabulous free stuff visit the National Poetry Day website.

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