A riddle poem is a poem with a puzzle. Think of a common object. (For example – a pig.) Now write down four or five things that describe it. (For example – a pig is a four-legged mammal bred for food, is pink, loves mud, digs for truffles, has a curly tail, gets sunburned, can’t fly.) Now write these as clues. Start with more difficult clues first as you don’t want to give the game away. Try and think of less-obvious ways to say things. Instead of digs for truffles how about digs for treasure? Now re-write your riddle as a poem.

We had some excellent riddle poems sent in when we ran this challenge. Here are some of the best.

What Am I? by Julie Mootanah (aged 11)

I have destroyed the lives of ancient beings
I have created modern beings
Now they hate me,
Now they don’t.
Sometimes they rush against me,
Sometimes they flow with me.
I am invisible.
I am everywhere at all times,
Nothing can touch me, even the wind and the ghosts.
I was there even before the universe evolved.
What am I?


Riddle by Nicholas Burton (aged 12)

I decide many things,
Rich or poor, losses or wins.
Two faced I am not,
Six faces I have
None are naught.
I decide how far you go
2, 3 or 4 places 
But any two of my faces
are sure to give you seven
marks or dots.

What am I?


What Am I? by Kiera Boyce(aged 9)

I can go faster then a cheetah,
I rush from left to right,
Fill up spaces which are dry
and run through the day and night.


What Am I? by Emnani Subhi (aged 11)

My first is in money,
But not in cheque.

My second is in credit,
But not in debt.
My third is in lucky,
But not in rich.

My fourth is in love,
But not in pitch.

My fifth is in billion,
But not in car.

My sixth is in Harrods,
But not in bar.

My seventh in Tarrant,
But not in Chris.

My eighth is in cash,
But not in notes.

My ninth is in twenty quid,
But not in a tenner.

My tenth is in lottery,
But not in bank.

My eleventh is in Thunderball,
But not in lotto Xtra.

What am I?

 (a millionaire)

What am I? by Samantha Bruehl (aged 10)

Light and white,
but cold and wet.
It looks soft, 
but is delicate and fragile. 
I just can’t wait to jump into it, 
and feel the icy feeling of pleasure that awaits me.