It’s a brand new year. And a time for new year resolutions. We asked children to write poems in response to this. This activity might begin by making a list, as a class or individually. Or you might ask your children or students to come up with a list for someone else. I wonder what’s on a favourite footballer’s list, or grandma’s list – or the school cat’s list. Or the poem could be looking ahead in other ways – can the weather get any worse? Will there be more effects from global warming? Will school lunches improve? And so on… Here are a few of the best poems sent in.

New by Katie Rubbe (aged 11)

It’s the New Year
Time for….
New joys,
And fears
And a new you
In which people can
Look up to
People like you
Can help all
But few
Just think what else
This new year can do!

The New Year
by Francis George Whitehead (aged 10) 

Hooray for New Year!

A day of new chances and new beginnings.
A day to leave the evil memories behind.

A day of happiness, joy and forgiveness.
Not a flicker of sorrow in the air.

A day to begin again.

Words of Wisdom by Wild Child

Words of Wisdom are what I seek
No more guilt shall I feel
I’ve thrown away time long ago
But I’ve begun to see what didn’t show
A pack of cigarettes kills me everyday
Drinks and drugs make me forget my ways
I’m not a bad person but I’m not that great
But I’ll be what I can to shape my fate
A new year has come and rang the bell
A new sensation picked me up from where I fell
I am now a better person and better I’ll always be
A new year, new page and a new dream

Have Cheer! by Breanna Baptiste (aged 8)

Oh, now you can hear
The cheer
Of the Happy New Year?
And if you can
Can you come here?
Don’t have fear
Have cheer!
Don’t do your to-do list.
But wait
Who can you go to the party with?
I know
How about me and you!
Do you feel glad,
Sad, or bad?
How about we invite Dad!
And have a Happy New Year!